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Hotel Furillen – Sweden

A new hotel is the pride of the north-eastern coast of Gotland, Sweden, namely Hotel Furillen— a boutique modern retreat built into a restored limestone refinery.  This eco-friendly hotel is the brain-child of photographer Johan Hellström and wife Anna-Karin, who purchased a four-kilometer quarry island just beyond Gotland’s northeast coast.  Since the refinery has long since retired, nature has taken back much of the land in a manner most pleasing to the eye.

The interior of Hotel Furillen takes plenty of inspiration from the old refinery it now occupies.  There is an industrial flare throughout, but the furnishings are decidedly comfortable and welcoming.  The mood suggests peace and relaxation without pretense, a difficult achievement in any modern dwelling.  If you find yourself making a trip to the Baltic, try to fit Hotel Furillen into your itinerary.  We’d love to see it for ourselves…

Hotel Furillen – Sweden Gallery