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    BME X-9 Nighthawk Bicycle
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BME X-9 Nighthawk Bicycle

The tech in this next gen bicycle is as futuristic as its visual appeal.  The BME X-9 Nighthawk Bicycle by Brano Meres is an all-black, angular cycle that is styled for the city rider of 2013 and beyond.  The Nighthawk features a lightweight frame constructed of aramid honeycomb that is then sealed in a carbon fiber skin.  This light-as-a-feather, stiff-as-a-board approach makes for an efficient ride– just a few revolutions and you’re at full speed, ready to coast through the next green light.  The crank connects to the hub with a belt-drive system that ensures a lasting tight fit that a chain won’t get you.  Beyond the powertrain and the design, the X-9 Nighthawk also works to protect your investment.  It features an infiniti3D Guard Dogs security system as a standard option, a nice way to keep this beauty under your feet, not someone else’s.  In all, it’s a stunning design by Meres, hopefully the first of many more to come.  [via notcot]

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