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    Kraken Makes Spiced Rum Beautiful
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Kraken Makes Spiced Rum Beautiful


We’re going to take a step out of the third person and into the first–  I love rum.  Vodka, gin, whisky and tequila are the fuel of choice for many, but rum is my drink.  Unfortunately, rum in America is a very misunderstood drink.  Where a good whisky or tequila can be enjoyed straight, rum is often destroyed by being mixed with high-fructose coke products.  Why would a producer spend time to carefully create a fine, craft product from sugar cane when it will only be mixed with ice cubes and industrial cola?  Rum can be such a wonderful drink, spicy, sweet and strong, it is sad that American bar culture treats it like a mixer cast-off.


When we get a chance to talk about good rum (oh, I forgot I’m writing in first person now), I’m going to leap at that opportunity.  Our colleagues over at NotCot were at the Boqueria in New York for a private unboxing of Kraken Spiced Rum.  The packaging is truly decadent, perfectly executed in illustration, fill and accessorization.   Underneath the wax-sealed, printed paper cover is the Kraken bottle itself as well as a few items that add to the branding experience.  Having been asked to sample and write up a few liquor products in my day (namely Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila and Ten Cane Rum), I have to say that this is clearly the most well-produced packaging I’ve seen.  If only I was there to see it first-person!


You can bet that I’ll have a bottle of Kraken Rum in my collection very soon, and personal tasting notes will be posted here on TheCoolist.  In the mean time, I’ll continue to admire their branding and packaging, and I’ll drink the next best thing: good Chilean Pisco.  And I’ll be drinking it on the rocks or with real, sugar cane cola in a light mix.  If you’ve never tasted that, you’ve never had a real cocktail…  [many thanks to notcot for the photos!]

Kraken Spiced Rum Gallery