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Lexus LF-LC Blue

In January, we were ringside during the release of the Lexus LF-LC in Detroit during our coverage of the 2013 Ford Fusion. This weekend, Lexus revealed the next in line, the Lexus LF-LC Blue. The new version of the LF-LC roadster has few differences from the red beauty that arrived in January, but the Lexus LF-LC Blue brings with it new details on the concept’s platform as a whole. Under the hood, all models of the Lexus LF-LC will feature the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive that includes an Atkinson-cycle gas engine, an advanced high-energy battery pack and an electric motor that will combine for 500hp of gas/electric power.

The new Lexus LF-LC Blue features a new element that its red predecessor did not, a new Remote Touch control system powered by a 12.3-inch screen mounted in the instrument panel. This controls the interior climate, the audio system and navigation upon a finger stroke on a smaller control screen. No word has arrived about the pricing or availability of the Lexus LF-LC Blue, and chances are it may be a concept for display only. We’re assuming that an in-the-flesh model of the LF-LC will arrive at some point, and the attractive shape and performance of a car like this will be warmly welcomed.

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