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Lomography Konstruktor Camera

Lomography Konstruktor Camera 6

Forget megapixels for a moment– and consider the warm nostalgia of film and the feel of a camera built from your own hands.  Enter the new Lomography Konstruktor Camera, a do-it-yourself SLR camera that captures your world in traditional rolls of film in its back.  The Lomography Konstruktor features a 50mm lens with a fixed f/10 aperture and 1/80th of a second shutter speed, a combination that will stop motion in well-lit settings to allow for warm, detailed images.  This isn’t an SLR in name only, it is designed with the same single-lens reflex style that your higher end Nikons and Canons are using but in a much simpler, low-cost format.

The images one can produce from such a basic camera can be incredibly authentic.  Lomography has been adored by the creative class for the “happy accidents” that occur when taking old film pictures on such devices.  Lens flares, ghosting, color saturation and other photo phenomena can turn a normal snapshot into a touching photograph.  These unknowns and the low-tech, easy-to-control format make for a pleasurable photographic experience, one that seasoned professionals and beginners can both find plenty of enjoyment in.  The best part?  The Lomography Konstruktor Camera kit retails for only $35, and is available today.  It’s a great gift, and certainly something for you to enjoy for yourself.  Happy shooting.

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