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Lamborghini Zagato Concept Bends the Rules

Lamborghini has revealed a new concept car that will be cruising into the show circuit in the near future, the Lamborghini Zagato Concept.  This new Lambo represents an homage to Zagato coachbuild, one that eschews “sharp and angular” for “curvy and smooth” instead.  It’s bound to turn heads, and probably turn away some others, but this concept-only vehicle doesn’t necessarily represent the future of the Lambo brand.

The Lamborghini Zagato Concept, designated “Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato”, is a new body built on a Gallardo LP570-4 frame.  It is designed as an homage to Zagato coachbuild, celebrating the 95th anniversary of the Italian custom design group.  While Zagato’s history is well-established, such a striking departure in design from Lamborghini’s signature just doesn’t seem to sit well with me.

Curves like these haven’t been seen on a Lamborghini since the Lotus Evora and the front-end of a dust buster.

While I am certainly not a fan of the execution here, I’m glad to see Lamborghini testing the waters in new design directions.  Lamborghini has taken some heat lately for its “repetitious” designs.  The Gallardo, Aventador, Murcielago and others all feel like tweaked clones of the same concept.  A bold new direction is certainly in order for Lamborghini, but the Lamborghini Zagato Concept is certainly not it.  It’s tough love coming from me, a firm fan of the iconic Lamborghinis of the past.

Lamborghini Zagato Concept Lamborghini Zagato Concept Lamborghini Zagato Concept

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