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    LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker
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LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker

After having championed a rebirth of old school analog photography, Lomography has set its sights on analog film making.  The new LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker is a classic 35mm film camera with the functionality and feel of an old-timey personal movie maker.  On a single roll of 35mm film, this camera can record up to sixty second movies across 144 frames.  Just open the shutter, crank the film and focus on your subject, and you’ve got a home movie just like Grandpa did decades ago.

Like other Lomography cameras, the LomoKino Super 35 is intended to reproduce the analog beauty that is often lost in digital photography and videography.  The point with a camera like this is the happy mistakes, the color saturation, the under/overexposures, the grainy feel– all of these make for a special capture of otherwise fleeting moments.  Want to see what we mean?  Check the video below… [$79 at lomography]

LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker Gallery