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    12 Best Men’s Dress Shirts for Any Style or Budget (2023 Reviews)
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12 Best Men’s Dress Shirts for Any Style or Budget (2023 Reviews)

Your search for the best men’s dress shirts ends here. Today, we’re taking a look at 12 nice shirts for men that won’t break the bank. Look your best whether you’re going business casual or more formal with our recommended men’s button down shirts.

12 Best Mens Dress Shirts Reviewed 2021

Whether you’re in the habit of wearing a suit or not, men’s dress shirts are indispensable parts of most wardrobes. The best examples make you look sharp on the job or at an interview. But they can also smarten up more casual outfits with jeans, an unstructured blazer, and even some sneakers.

And the best part? Good dress shirts don’t even have to cost an arm and a leg. To wit, we’ve compiled this list of the 12 best men’s dress shirts. We’ll also give you some advice on picking the right dress shirt in the buyer’s guide towards the bottom of the page.

The Top 12 Dress Shirts for Men

Being so versatile and ubiquitous, finding the best men’s dress shirts can either be a breeze or downright exhausting. Here is our carefully selected list of the best in the market to suit your needs.

Let’s go shopping for the top 12 men’s dress shirts to make you look your best at any budget.

1. Van Heusen | Poplin Solid White Dress Shirt for Men 

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Regular Fit Poplin Solid
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Wear a traditional formal look with Van Heusen Men’s Poplin Dress Shirt. This is the go-to shirt if you’re looking for a wrinkle-resistant, easy-care dress shirt thanks to the polyester and cotton fabric blend.

The shirt comfortably fits on the shoulders, chest, and waist–not quite slim but a well-fitted regular cut. Other cuts are available for larger men, however.

A stylish vintage pointed collar makes it versatile for a wide variety of tie knots, but can also easily be worn without one at all. Additionally, the shirt is decorated with an adjustable cuff that provides for two-button positions for a more personalized fit. And besides storing your essentials, there’s a chest pocket to complete that classical look.

2. Amazon Essentials | Men’s Slim-Fit Dress Shirts

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Dress Shirt
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Amazon Essentials clearly attained their objective of helping you take the guesswork out of shopping with this worthwhile men’s dress shirt. Featuring sturdy stitching, stylish cuts, and an excellent fit, they have the economy of scale to strike an ideal balance at a wallet-friendly price.

This dress shirt is constructed from high-quality cotton fabric designed for your comfort. Its material is lightweight, easy to wear, breathable, and even machine washable! The cut is suitable for formal business engagements, with conservative styling, double buttoned cuffs, and a traditional point collar. Available in a wide array of colors to match any outfit.

3. Calvin Klein | Men’s Collared Shirt

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirt
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Pull off a sleek look with Calvin Klein’s slim-fit performance collared shirt. This shirt is worth every penny you’ll pay.

Cotton isn’t known for its moisture-wicking, but CK’s special weave keeps you cool and dry. It’ll even retain its superior drape with minimal wrinkling on hot, humid days. That also means you’ll save time ironing your dress shirts a lot less. Moreover, it’s machine washable–just be sure not to dry on high heat or else it’ll shrink!

These slim-fit Calvin Klein dress shirts will compliment all but the most robust body types. A classic point collar accommodates a variety of tie knot types and looks right with or without a tie. Add in an adjustable cuff, and the pocketless dress shirt takes up an urbane look.

4. Nordstrom | Smartcare Pinpoint Dress Shirt for Men

Nordstrom Men’s Smartcare Pinpoint Dress Shirt

Nordorm’s Smartcare pinpoint dress shirt is trendy and comfortable to wear, and offers solid value for its price.

This dress shirt for men comes in classic white and various tones of blue to choose from. It is thus quite versatile, and can be paired with multiple suits for a formal look or jeans and sneakers for a trendy casual twist.

These wrinkle-free dress shirts feature an elegant button-down rounded collar and charming single-button cuffs. The split back yoke and a curved hem add to the signature look.

As a bonus, this machine-washable shirt will save you time and simplify your laundry work.

Go ahead and wear a Smartcare men’s dress shirt and step out in confidence and style.

5. Arrow | 1851 Poplin Dress Shirt

Arrow 1851 Men's Dress Shirt Poplin
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Arrow’s 1851 poplin dress shirt is an awesome slim-fit shirt with a sleek clean look that is ideal for skinny builds. Other fit types available with this brand are extreme-slim, regular, and fitted.

The fabric, a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, is smooth and durable. It’s also wrinkle-free and machine washable making it easy to maintain hence saves you time and the hustle of doing the laundry.

A versatile spread collar combines modern and traditional vibes making the dress shirt timeless. It can be worn with or without neckwear and allows for tie knots of varying types and sizes.

Additionally, Arrow 1851 dress shirt features adjustable cuffs that allow for two-button places for a better fit. The absence of pockets adds to the shirt’s modern streamlined look.

6. Alex Vando | Men’s Dress Shirts

Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirts
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The elegant Alex Vando Dress Shirt skillfully crafted for a wide range of occasions whether formal or casual. The shirt is made from a blend of high-quality 97% cotton and 3% spandex making it gentle on the skin, comfortable to wear, and breathable to boot.

It’s durable with sturdy seams and overall exquisite construction that pays close attention to fine details. That’s value for your money as it will be a staple wardrobe item that can endure repeated use.

Besides its performance, it’s a stylish shirt with uniquely contrasting button cuffs and an appealing spread collar. The fitting is true to size based on a regular USA fit size for a long-sleeve button-down dress shirt. The shirt is easy to clean with hand washing option.

Alex Vando’s men’s dress shirt would make a perfect gift item for a dad, husband, or brother. A money-back satisfaction guarantee of the product speaks volumes of its quality.

7. Kenneth Cole | Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt

Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men's Dress Shirt
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Stand out with a polished modern look donning a Kenneth Cole Unlisted dress shirt. The pocket-less design replete with adjustable cuffs and sewn-in spread collars adds to the aesthetics of the shirt.

Furthermore, it’s a versatile shirt that can serve formal and casual settings with ease. It looks great with or without a tie. So, whether it’s a formal business meeting or an evening date, the shirt will play the part.

The shirt is machine washable making it an easy-care wardrobe item. The fabric is comfy, lightweight, and breathable providing premium comfort throughout the day.

That’s not all. It comes in Slim, Regular, and Big & Tall sizes catering to all body types and fit preferences.

8. J.VER | Long Sleeve Stretch Dress Shirt

J.VER Men's Casual Long Sleeve Stretch Dress Shirt
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This J.VER stretch dress shirt should definitely be on rotation in your wardrobe. The beautifully crafted contrasting patterns on the neckline, cuff, and placket make it a beauty to behold. Designed to be easy to wear, it suits formal and casual occasions alike.

It’s not only stylish, but it’s also comfortable to wear. The fabric is stretchable, soft and air permeable keeping you cool all day. Exquisite workmanship with clean cuts, smooth lines, and double thread sewing makes it a durable men’s dress shirt. 

Additionally, the shirt comes in a variety of colors to easily match items in your wardrobe. Common colors are black, white, gray, red, and blue.

You can also choose a shirt from three pocket styles. A shirt with no pockets for a sleek look, or one with pockets for convenience. You may also pick a dress shirt with a false pocket that’s merely decorative.

9. ZEROYAA | Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

ZEROYAA Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
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ZEROYAA Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt is the perfect shirt for your casual wear, whether to a date or a party. It’s a superb choice of a shirt for summer and spring. This versatile dress shirt can also be worn at formal business meetings to give a modern professional look.

The fabric is gentle and breathable and comes in a range of colors from the laid-back black, white, and navy, to the more vibrant lavender, burgundy, and micro twilled light green.

You can easily machine-wash this slim fit dress shirt wish makes it quite convenient to care for.

10. IZOD | Men’s Blue Dress Shirt

IZOD Men's Dress Shirt
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The dress shirt for everyday wear to the office and on weekend getaways, IZOD’s Men’s Dress Shirt is made of naturally stretching fabric that’s so comfortable you’ll find yourself going back to it again and again. It moves with you, has a soft finish, and offers a polished finished to your smart or casual look.

The wrinkle-free, machine-washable shirt is an easy-care item. Its button-down collar brings out the authentic tailored design with a casual twist. With or without neckwear, the shirt looks great.

11. Tommy Hilfiger | Men’s Fitted Shirts

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Dress Shirts
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If slim-fit flatters your physique, then Tommy Hilfiger’s line of fitted dress shirts for men is the timeless top you should be looking for.

Solid tones, excellent slim-cuts, and a timeless design are what make this shirt unique. The easy care and wear shirt is a convenient wardrobe time on the go. A spread collar allows for tie knot varieties and also looks neat without neckwear.

12. Bonobos | Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt

Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt for Men

Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt is a stretchy shirt made of 76% Cotton, 21% Nylon, and 3% Spandex. This fabric combination means the shirt is quite comfortable and soft to the skin.

It’s a finely cut formal dress shirt suitable for formal situations.

What makes this shirt even better is that it comes in different fittings suitable for bigger-built men to the small-sized. When it comes to colors, the Bonobos dress shirt comes in a wide range of hues. You can go for solids or checked colors according to your preference.

What to Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Shirts

Much consideration needs to go into selecting a timeless shirt that will be a staple wardrobe item. Here are the key aspects to look for when choosing men’s dress shirts.

Slim Fit vs. Regular Fit vs. Tall Fit

The secret to the coveted sartorial look is a perfectly fitting shirt. Many men disregard this important aspect of dress shirts given that shirts are mostly layered under suits.

If you’re like most men, you probably go for predefined shirt sizes in either small, medium, large, or extra-large dimensions. Well, if you’re buying your shirt from a clothing website or in a brick-and-mortar store, this may be inevitable. But if you want a perfect fit, a tailored dress short would be your best choice.

A well-fitting men’s dress shirt has minimal extra material and effortlessly complements your physique. The shirt shouldn’t be too large with fabric bulging out like you’re floating in a balloon. Neither should it be so tight that the buttons look like they’ll pop out any moment. And most importantly, a perfect fit is also very comfortable.

If you’re heavily built, an oversized shirt will exaggerate your midsection making you appear bigger. To confirm if you’re in an appropriately-sized dress shirt, try pinching 2-3 inches of material on either side of your body. If you end up with more than that you’re probably wearing a loose shirt.

A comfortably fitting men’s dress shirt has the shoulder seams comfortably clinging to your shoulders and terminating where your shoulder ends. Properly fitting sleeves should reach your wrists with ease.

Men’s dress shirts that fit well flatter your body type and catch the eye. We recommend that you try your shirt before buying it where possible to be sure it’s a perfect fit.

Types of Shirt Fabrics

Choose a fabric based on your personal preference and also the season of the year. Most men’s dress shirts are made from cotton, twill, chambray, and a blend of synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

Fabrics such as cotton, linen, and flannel are preferred for being breathable and lightweight. Chambray on the other hand is a sturdier material. The quality of the shirt can be further determined by the thread count or yarn numbers. High-quality shirts that are more durable tend to have higher thread numbers and have softer and finer fabric.

During the warmer months, you’d want to be in a dress shirt made from light breathable materials e.g cotton. Heavier fabrics like twill will come in handy in the colder months when they can be nicely layered under jackets.

Generally, men’s dress shirts that are made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester tend to be wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. However, they aren’t as breathable compared with natural fabrics like cotton. A shirt that restrains free airflow can be uncomfortable by increase sweating.


Combined with excellent fabric, meticulous workmanship will create a superior quality shirt. The best craftsmanship is detail-oriented, ensuring that seams are sturdy, the stitching is neat, buttons are tightly fixed, and the patterns match impeccably.

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Collar Types

There are multiple collar styles to choose from in the world of men’s dress shirts. Fashion designers seem to come up with trendy collar styles once in a while. Whereas the collar type you pick depends on your taste, the need to look sharp is non-negotiable if you’re keen on making an impression.

A properly fitting collar allows for a finger between your neck and the collar. It shouldn’t be too loose, or too tight. Choose a collar style that can aptly complement your suit and tie.

There are many types of collars e.g the button-down collar. Button-down is a casual collar. It’s best worn without a tie and is ideal for a relaxed business casual outfit.

  • The semi-spread collar is stylish enough and combines well with every suit and tie knot type. Your collar style speaks volumes about your fashion sense just like your tie and the colors of your shirt do.
  • Pin and tab collars are elegant and suit situations that call for a dressed-up look.
  • If you want to try out something unusual that’ll make you stand out of the crowd, then go for the Mandarin collar. It’s a bold standing collar that doesn’t fold down. You’ll pull off a trendy look with a Mandarin collar.
  • Then there’s the point collar that’s versatile to accommodate a suited look or if you want to put on jeans. This collar type has stood the test of time with its simplicity to become one of the most common collar types.

Men’s Dress Shirts Colors and Patterns

You’ll find it easier to start with white and light bluish shirt colors. It’s a basic way to build your wardrobe as they easily blend with multiple suit options.

Afterward, go ahead and explore pastel shades such as light purple, mint, peach, lavender, baby blue, and the like. You’ll find these colors to effortlessly blend in with a warm summer background. Get even more creative with innovative patterns for the warmer months. As you move to the cooler wintery months, opt for tones that are subdued but rich to excellently complement darker suits.

Generally, plain whites men’s dress shirts are ideal for formal business situations. Whites with mild stripes can also pass off for formal business wear. Casual men’s dress shirts can range from solid light-colored for laid-back business wear to the extreme of bold patterns and bright solids strictly for social functions.


Such subtle features as cuffs easily elevate your dress shirt and make a statement that gives your shirt character.

Cuffs come in multiple styles. Here are some of the most common cuffs for men’s dress shirts.

  • Single Barrel Cuff – Is the most common and features a sole button.
  • Double French Cuffs – Flattering cuffs ideal for a dinner suit. It may be a bit too formal for regular office wear. It’s frequently secured with cufflinks rather than buttons.
  • The Mitred Cuff – Features two buttons and is more elegant and stylish compared with a single-barrel or standard cuff.
  • Rounded Cuffs – These are suited for office scenarios. They feature a smoothly rounded arc that adds to their beauty.
  • Double Barrel – A rare cuff style with in-built buttons.

Closing Thoughts: The Best Men’s Dress Shirts

We’ve coved a lot of ground, but at this point you should have a solid idea of what the best men’s dress shirts are. This list is by no means exhaustive, and you could spend less or (a lot) more to fit your style and/or budget. But these button down shirts should work for most men, whether you’re going for business casual or dressing up in a suit. 

Each of our top 12 dress shirts for men will serve you well, but pay close attention to the description of each since they’re definitely not one-size-fits-all. If you need a little more guidance, bookmark our dress shirt buyer’s guide and refer to it often.

What are you looking for in a dress shirt for men? Do you have any special considerations you’d like to share with our readers? Shoot us a message in the comments below.