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    Most Beautiful Cats (with Pictures): 10 Different Types of Enchanting Cat Breeds
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Most Beautiful Cats (with Pictures): 10 Different Types of Enchanting Cat Breeds

Looking for opinions on what the most beautiful cats in the world are? Well, here’s our top 10 suggestions for majestic, silky, or just plain gorgeous cat breeds. 

Most Beautiful Cats in the World

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats have forged their own special relationships with us. Indeed, there is evidence to suggest cats domesticated themselves, using us humans to their own advantage.

But one look at the most beautiful cat breeds, and you won’t mind that they’ve low-key turned you into their personal servants. Even when they’re disagreeable, solitary, stand-offish brats, we can’t seem to get enough. Who can resist their cuddly purring, ninja-like reflexes, and absurd temperaments?

Of course, cats offer companionship, unconditional love and can help alleviate stress and improve heart health. They keep away pests, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and despite rumors to the contrary, are quite capable of getting along with Fido. 

But hey, you’re reading this on the Internet; we probably don’t have to sell you on the greatness of our feline friends. Instead, take a moment to marvel with us at the most beautiful cat breeds below!

What Is the Most Beautiful Cat in the World? Here’s 10 Amazing Cat Breeds

Beauty is subjective, but humans have undeniably bred some gorgeous cat breeds. Some are elegant, some our powerful, while others just have a silky charm you can’t really explain. Whatever the case, check out our top 10 most beautiful cats, in no particular order:

1. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat in a Tree

Bengal cats are a rare exotic cat breed and one of the most expensive there is. They share their genes with the Asian Leopard cat, giving them a unique coat color as well as rosette markings. These are the jagged dark circles or spots that typify leopards and jaguars–and among domesticated cats, unique to the Bengal breed.

The priciest of Bengal cats have silver-spotted, mink spotted, and silver marbled hues. They could cost upwards of $2,750 as kittens and $800 as adult cats.

A Bengal cat has a lean and muscular body, that is much larger than most other cat breeds. It is also a smart cat with an exceptional memory. Unsurprisingly, Bengals are good hunters and enjoy taking down birds, mice, and squirrels when the opportunity arises. They love the water and climbing, so they need lots of space to thrive.

The Bengal cat has a wild look but a domestic disposition. It is great in interaction and can learn tricks and basic commands. For example, you can teach it to ‘sit’ or to ‘lie down.’ Some Bengal cats go as far as learning how to high five.

Their personality is loyal and sweet, but they are demanding of attention. They are not cuddly but love to interact with people. When left on their own, they can become aggressive and develop destructive behavior.

2. Russian Blue Cat

Beautiful Russian Blue Cat

Full disclosure: Our editor is the happy owner of a beautiful Russian Blue cat, and is thus heavily biased in favor of the breed. But we’re sure you’ll agree this is one of the most attractive cat breeds on the planet all on your own.

First, consider their silky-smooth double coat of dense silvery fur which presents a distinctive blue tint. Then, factor in their little charcoal noses and big, curious green eyes, and you have a real charmer on your hands. 

But it doesn’t stop with good looks; Russian Blues possess an incredibly unique temperament that can only be described as whimsical. They are initially quite shy to strangers, but when they open up they are incredibly affectionate, playful, and more than a little derpy.

A sad historical fact is that the Russian Blue was once hunted for its prized pelt because it was so ridiculously soft. Thankfully, no one feels the need to carry on this barbaric practice–though it did go a long way towards immortalizing these sprite-like creatures as some of the most luxuriantly beautiful cat breeds in the world.

3. Siberian Cat

Fluffy Siberian Cat in the Snow

True to their name, these luxuriant long-haired felines come from Siberia. Their native environment has subarctic conditions and is forested. For this reason, the Siberian cat has a protective, thick and long fur coat. Breathtaking in elegance, it has a triple coat and a masculine solid body. This cat has a heavy bone structure that give it an almost menacing look.

Siberian cats are, however, quite affectionate, outgoing, and friendly–their owners say they’re the best feline companion anyone could ask for. Your Siberian cat will meet you at your doorstep and keep at your toes as you move around the house. It has a melodic mew and loves to vocalize in chirps and trills. The Siberian cat is respectful to dogs, other cats, and young children as well.

While they excel as derpy house cats, Siberians do have excellent hunting abilities and physical prowess. At home, they will exercise their athleticism by propelling themselves to the highest points in the house and balancing themselves along ledges. They also love to play with water as well. So you will often find your pet pawing at the faucet, the water dish, or splashing at tub water.

4. Persian Cat

Beautiful Fluffy White Persian Cate

Persian cats are often called the Ferrari of the feline world, and are almost universally considered to be among the most beautiful cat breeds. Their long, plus fur coats positively embodies elegance and adorability.

The downside? Persians are not exactly low-maintenance. You’ll need to unfurl knots and debris from its lustrous coat daily, as the Persian cat cannot keep its splendid fur coat in mint condition without its owner’s assistance.

The Persian cat’s fur is not its only outstanding characteristic. It also has a unique smooshed face, huge eyes, and tiny ears. In addition, its body has a cute roundedness that is a huge hit with many pet lovers.

Unfortunately, its facial features can also cause breathing problems. For this reason, the Persian cat is also “furniture with fur.” It is not an active cat and gets tired pretty fast. It is also susceptible to poor tear drainage, so you will need plenty of eye wipes to keep them clean.

As for their personality, these cats behave like the blue-bloods they are, and are a bit laid back. They will not clamor for attention but are docile and sweet. On the other hand, Persian cats enjoy being petted and are very affectionate.

The solid silver Persian cat is the most popular of this cat breed, but there are over 80 other Persian cat color shades out there that include cream, black, and smoke.

5. Exotic Shorthair

Adorable Exotic Shorthair Cat

The Exotic Shorthair closely resembles the Persian cat in personality and body features. It, however, has a short coat, earning itself the title, “lazy man’s Persian.” In fact, it is a cross between the American shorthair cat and the Persian cat. \

Adopt an Exotic Shorthair, and you can revel in the beauty of the Persian cat without the rigors of meticulous fur grooming. Its fur is plush but easy to care for; you will only need to give it a weekly brush.

His face is also gentle, and his body round. The Exotic shorthair, however, is livelier than the Persian cat. It adores being a lap cat but does not demand too much attention.

Breeders first bred the Exotic to preserve the signature Persian cat’s silver color. The Exotic would have gone by the name ‘Sterling.’ Nature, however, had its way, and today there are all kinds of exotic shorthair cats in silver, smoke, shaded, solid, golden, bicolor, tabby hues, and patterns. 

6. British Shorthair

British Shorthair Domestic Cat Snuggled with Golden Retriever

The British Shorthair is an old breed and first came to Britain with the Roman legions. The armies needed a working cat to keep rodents off their camps. When the Romans left the Isles, the cats mixed with the European wildcat acquiring a muscular body and short plush coat.

The British Shorthair is a family cat, friendly but a tad stand-offish. It has lots of patterns and colors, but the most popular of the breed is the blue fur shorthair. These cats are easy to care for and have minimal health problems.

British Shorthairs also have garnered quite some star power in the social media age. Coby the Cat, is one of the world’s most beautiful (and followed) cats with his striking cobalt blue eyes. These two endless blue pools as well as his sassy personality have earned Coby a place amongst social media influencers, with nearly 2 million Instagram followers. He’s also widely featured in a slew of commercials!

Coby’s feline supermodel features are typical of the British Shorthair’s powerful, compact and balanced body. An agile and well-proportioned breed, the British Shorthair has a medium to large body, a broad chest, and a level back. Its face is large and round, its nose is wide, and chin firm.

7. Ragdoll

Beautiful White Cat with Blue Eyes Ragdoll

Ragdolls are exquisite. One of the most beautiful cat breeds, they are muscular and large. Their bodies are solid, long, and broad and have a rectangular or blocky shape. They are, however, not fat, just athletic and firm. Their faces have a wedge shape, and their eyes are beautiful and large oval shapes of vivid blue.

The Ragdoll has beautiful silky fur and is a wonderful personality. It is loyal, gentle, and very aware of its environment and relationship with humans. These cats love to give leg rubs and forehead kisses and, every once in a while, will cuddle on your lap and give a big purr.

They are not overactive but are playful. Go for the Ragdoll if you have other cats or dogs in the house. They, however, love their chow and could become obese and diabetic easily. Give them two or three compact meals per day to keep them healthy.

8. Maine Coon Cat

Majestic Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons or Coon cats are gentle soft giants who love to talk. Their owners say that they are so vocal, they will follow you around the house to chat. Of course, they do meow just as much as any tabby, but they will add trills and chirp to the regular meow when they are happy or excited.

While other cats meow for attention, Maine Coons will meow or howl around new people or pets when saying hello. So, if you love your silence, the Coon cat might not be for you.

The Maine Coon is not just one of the most beautiful cat breeds, but it is the second most popular feline breed in the US. It is rugged and well-built and has a shaggy, silky coat that protects it from the harsh Maine winters. In addition, its adaptation to extreme climates gives it good health, and it can live for 12 years or longer.

Maine Coons strike an imposing figure, and the males can weigh up to 18 pounds. They may have strong paws and muscles, but they ooze devotion and mellowness. They are family cats, with the unique loyalty of dogs; they’re also gentle giants with kids and other pets.

These cats have an independent streak, only looking for affection when they want it, so they do not like constant hugs or being picked up. However, on the other hand, they are very playful and have seafaring in their ancestry, so they are fascinated by water.

9. Siamese Cat

One of the Prettiest Cats the Siamese

Siamese cats are intelligent, charming, and handsome. They are dog-like in loyalty and love their human companions. The Siamese cats’ most outstanding features include their elegant, lithe bodies, legs for days, and short glossy coat. But it’s their sleek oriental blue eyes that capture the attention and the heart of all that see them.

At birth, Siamese kittens have a white furry coat. After a year of life, their coats begin to develop chocolate, lilac, seal, or blue colors. Like the Maine Coon, Siamese cats are also a vocal breed. The Siamese cat is, however, much more extroverted and outgoing. It will noisily demand attention from its human companion, and it will not thrive when lonely.

If you are away most of the day, have two Siamese cats to keep each amused and busy. Buy them scratching poles and lots of toys. These cats are so intelligent that you can teach them how to retrieve their toys when they want to play.

Siamese cats originated in Thailand, and were common in Buddhist temples.

10. Himalayan Cat

Most Beautiful Cats - Himalayan Kitty

The Himalayan cat is a beauty. It mixes long-haired majesty of the Persian cat with the striking blue eyes and color pallet of the Siamese. Indeed, breeders bred both the Persian and the Siamese in the 30s to produce the Himalayan cat’s features.

These cats have soft, long coats and a wooly undercoat. They are, therefore, as high maintenance as the Persian cats. Baths coupled with brushing are the best way to keep the Himalayan looking its very best.

Himmies are gentle and playful. They are also loyal and highly dependent on companionship with their humans, just as the Siamese cat is. While they are prone to sudden bursts of kitten-like bustle, that are not particularly vocal.

The Himalayan cat has the Persian cat’s doll face, with a cute squashy look. This makes it a brachycephalic breed. It is, therefore, also prone to excessive tear production. You will need to keep the area around their eyes clean.

Sassy from the 90’s family hit “Homeward Bound” was a Himalayan cat.

Looking for a Beautiful Cat Breed? Here’s What to Know Before Making One Your Pet

Cat ownership is a long-term commitment that should bring joy, fulfillment, and companionship between you and your pet. For this reason, you need to choose the right feline breed as a companion because most beautiful cat breeds have unique needs, personalities, and temperaments.

It would be best to consider factors such as grooming requirements, activity level, budget, and space when choosing your best fit. Below are some tips on choosing the right feline companion for your home.

Do Your Research

Cats get a bad rap because of centuries of myths, misinformation, and Old-World beliefs. Antiquated pseudo-science and folk myths misrepresent cats, but fortunately, now there is a horde of cat breed information online.

Before getting a cat, take time to study various articles, guides, and books on these feline beauties and learn more about each breed’s needs and wants before bringing one home. You can even take a personality quiz online that will match you with the best breed for your situation.

Be Wary of Allergies

Some breeders claim that some cats are hypoallergenic or non-allergenic, but this is in most cases false information. The skin and saliva of a cat produce secretions that may affect people that are allergic to cats. For this reason, hairless cats might cause allergies as well. Breeds that shed less, females, and light-colored cats may be more hypoallergenic, but you cannot tell how safe they are until you have spent time around them.

Factor in Grooming Requirements

Some of the most beautiful cat breeds have plush soft coats that are a joy to cuddle. That said, they also shed and will leave a trail of hairballs all over your carpet and furniture.

Maine Coons and Ragdolls, for instance, are heavy shedders and require lots of brushing. Your kitty might have a short coat, but it will also need regular baths to prevent oil buildup.

Consider the Cost of Care

Keeping a pet is a huge financial commitment. For example, as per the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA data, a cat will set you back $1,000 in costs arising from medical care, hiring sitters, kenneling, and food. It is, therefore, important to consider the costs of buying expensive breeds and their care.

Identify Your Ideal Cat Personality

Some cat breeds are more mischievous and stubborn than others. You can tame their wild sensibilities through training and discipline. However, a new pet owner might not have the skills or knowledge required to train a strong-willed cat. Siamese cats, for instance, can be very strong-willed. Lack of training will lead to a bossy feline companion that insists on having its way.

There are cats also that love to fly solo. For instance, the Persian and Maine Coon breeds thrive in multi-pet households, while the Siamese cat is aloof and territorial. If you have children in the home, choose cat breeds such as the Ragdoll because they are easy-going, funny cats that love being picked up and lugged around.

Know Their Activity Levels

Some of the most beautiful cat breeds are aggressive hunters, while others are “furniture with fur.” If you do not want hunting trophies from your cat, avoid species such as the Siberian cat or Bengal cats who love hunting.

There are also cats that are docile and quiet, while others love to meow. The Siamese, for instance, are noisy because they were bred to warn homeowners of danger. For this reason, avoid vocal cats if you love your peace and quiet.

Factor in Climate

The wonders of modern air conditioning make it possible for cats to live in any environment. That said, a long-haired cat will always have overheating problems when living in a hot climate.

If your home is extremely hot and has a Persian cat, run the A/C and have kitty pools or cooling pads to keep it cool. Brachycephalic breeds such as the Himalayan and the Persian are also on the no-fly pets list because they could die from travel-related heat and stress.

Final Words on the Most Beautiful Cats

There you have it. Nine of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world that make excellent companions. This list is by no means an exhaustive account of all the types of cats out there capable of capturing your heart, but it’s a good start. Whether you’re looking for something large and majestic like the Maine Coon, something super silky soft like the Russian Blue, or something more sleek and elegant like the Siamese, they all make outstanding pets so long as you have an idea of what you’re getting into. And hey, if you’re just here for the pictures of all the cute kitties–no one will blame you!

Found your match yet? Let us know what you think is the most beautiful cat in the world in the comments below.