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Nikon 1 V2 Camera

nikon1 v2 1 system camera 1 Nikon 1 V2 Camera

Nikon has taken another bold step into the world of mirrorless photography with the new Nikon 1 V2.  The V2 model adds DSLR-style functionality to the compact mirrorless system, adding a built-in flash, a boosted sensor quality and a broader range of ISO light sensitivity. These new additions make the Nikon 1 system a serious alternative for hobbyists who want DSLR control in a compact package.

The Nikon 1 V2 has a pop-up flash that also includes a hot shoe mount for professional flash units.  The built-in unit can add some fill light in low-light scenarios or freeze motion in almost any light setting.  Compared to its predecessor, the Nikon 1 V1, the V2 has an improved 14.2MP sensor which represents a nearly 50% improvement over the V1.  Additionally, the V2 has a built-in ISO range that extends up to 6400 for extremely low-light scenarios.  If all of this is a bit confusing to you, consider it this way– this functionality is often standard on the larger, more expensive DSLR cameras that have been big for Nikon and Canon over the last decade.  The Nikon 1 V2 delivers all of that functionality in a compact, powerful device that even a pro could get excited about.

The Nikon 1 V2 is available now starting at $799 for the body alone.  Add a 10-30mm wide angle zoom lens for the kit price of $899.  If you want a lot of range right out of the gate, a two lens kit option will include the 10-30mm as well as a 30-110mm lens for $1,149.  [via nikonusa]

nikon1 v2 1 system camera 2 Nikon 1 V2 Camera

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