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    Luxury Barkitecture: Rosi & Rufus Design Dapper Digs for Dogs
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Luxury Barkitecture: Rosi & Rufus Design Dapper Digs for Dogs

If you spend a lot of time and money making your house or apartment look good, it’s easy for a piece of badly-designed pet furniture to ruin the whole aesthetic. That’s where Rosi & Rufus come in, a Munich-based design studio that make beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture for cats and dogs. Made from certified timber that complies with sustainable forestry, the designs can also stand up to years of wear and tear thanks to a sweat- and saliva-resistant varnish.

The collection of kennels is available in a variety of different finishes, which means you can choose a style that fits with your existing decor. If your four-legged companion is of the sensitive disposition, there is a kennel that offers a little bit more privacy. Otherwise, you can opt for an “open-air” kennel that lets you keep an eye on your pet while they sleep, especially if they’re prone to running around in their dreams.

Apart from kennels, there are also a couple of pieces that take inspiration from full-sized human furniture. Take the couch with distinctly dog-like proportions, for example, and you can see how it would be the perfect addition to your living room, giving your canine companion a luxury viewing spot of the TV. A miniature chaise lounge on the other hand, gives your pet a place to relax all by themselves.

While most people opt for a simple dog bed, or kennel in the backyard, the collection by Rosi & Rufus gives people living in the city a more sophisticated option. Plus, if you’re prone to spoiling your pet, the collection of kennels and sofas could be just the excuse you need to spend a bit more money on your lifelong animal companion.

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