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    Things to Do with Your Boyfriend – 25 Fun Ways to Keep the Spark Burning
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Things to Do with Your Boyfriend – 25 Fun Ways to Keep the Spark Burning

We understand the anxiety of coming up with a memorable date idea can be very real. But skip the date cliches – catching a movie, dinner out, or maybe a drink – because we’ve got a complete list of more exciting things to do with your boyfriend!

A List of the Best Things to do with Your Boyfriend

Going to the same fancy restaurant and coming home to watch movies on Netflix might be great early in the relationship. But let’s be honest for a second here; there are only so many dinner-and-a-movie dates we can stomach. 

Looking for a unique experience to do with your boyfriend? We’ve got plenty that isn’t the same old stuff. From cheap date ideas that won’t cost you a penny to random weekend getaways and interesting things to do with your boyfriend, we have some great ideas to get you and your boyfriend off the couch and enjoy a fun bonding activity. 

Just remember that everyone’s idea of a good time is different. So, be sure to choose one that both you and your boyfriend would enjoy.

And if you’re batting for the other team, we have a list of fun things to do with your girlfriend just for you. 

Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Looking for more ways to have fun and keep the romance and excitement going with your boyfriend?

Whether it’s your very first date or hundredth date, you’ll surely find more than a few fantastic things (or crazy things) to do with your boyfriend to have a great experience or a great story – and here’s to hoping for both. 

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What are you waiting for? Let’s make a date!

1. Movie Marathon in a Blanket Fort

Building a Fort Together

Going to the movies is so first-date cliché, and Netflix and chill? It’s not any better. 

But we have a way to make movie nights more exciting, unforgettable, and a whole lot of fun – a blanket fort for when you binge-watch your favorite TV series or comedy movies for a good laugh. Blanket forts aren’t just for the kids. Indoor forts are pretty romantic for couples too.  

Building a fort is one of the all-time best things to do with your boyfriend. All you need are flat sheets, some rope, clothespins or clamps, flashlights, pillows, and a cozy blanket. And don’t forget some snacks or a bottle of wine. Maybe add a string of lights to build up the mood too. 

It’s like a drive-in movie, but at the comfort of your home!

2. Go Finger Painting

Everybody Loves Finger Painting

Here’s a great idea – get creative with your boyfriend and unleash your inner Picasso! And you don’t take a painting class for this one, but maybe watching a YouTube video on how to finger paint can help. Or you can just try to paint whatever comes to your mind. 

Just get paints ready and be ready to get dirty. And one last thing, you might end up splattering paint on each other. But it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, is it? 

3. Board Games

Board Games Remain One of the Fun Things to do With Your Boyfriend

Nothing quite says, “fun things to do with your boyfriend” and can get your competitive spirit flowing than board games for couples! Dust off the favorite games from years past and include some new gems. (Indeed, we’re in something of a golden age for board gaming, so your options are many.)

You can even raise the stakes and make it a sexy game for couples. Mix it up with drinking, dares, and even some couple-friendly stripping, and it’s game on! 

It can only go two ways – have fun laughing time with your boyfriend or have some mold-breaking sexy time with your main squeeze. Either way, it’s a game both of you will win!

4. Play Video Games

Playing Video Games as a Couple

While concerts and a movie night are great, sometimes you just want to stay at home. And we have another perfect at-home date idea right here. 

Are you and your boyfriend avid video game fans? Gaming can be an ultimate couple activity. Or maybe, your boyfriend is a game freak, while you can’t get the hang of walking forward while looking forward, and that’s fine too. 

There are plenty of video games for couples to try, so you can always become the Player 2 to your boyfriend’s Player 1. And isn’t that the sweetest?

5. Dinner with Homemade Pasta

Cooking is one of the fun things to do with your boyfriend

Carbs and your significant other? What better way to spend the night? And it can be a far more enjoyable activity than going out to eat too. 

Sure, you can buy boxed noodles for this, which would make your life easier. But we don’t want easy right now; we want fun and a lot of laughter with bae. And honestly, putting those muscles to crank out some dough could be hot. 

Add in an Italian serenade in the background, open a bottle of wine, and it might just be a weekend trip to rival the iconic spaghetti scene in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. 

6. Water Gun Fight

Who Does Like Doing Fun Things With Water Guns

As they all say, boys will always be boys. So, here’s one thing to do with your boyfriend that will surely call out the inner boy in him. It’s a simple activity but a guaranteed one to bring a lot of laughter and entertainment. 

Playing games outside running around with your water gun aimed at each other will get your competitive blood flowing – perfect for a hot summer day. And there is just something about getting each other soaked! 

But if you don’t have water guns, a water balloon fight works just as well!

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7. Indulge in a Homemade Spa Day (or Night)

Nothing Wrong With Some Indulgent Pampering

Who would turn down an entire day of unplugged bliss with your main squeeze? Surely, no one. Not even your darling. Think of full-body massages and facials while you’re wrapped in a $6,000 designer bathrobe. What a dream! 

But dreams aside, not everyone has the time or the money for all that primping and pampering. Although that’s not to say you can’t indulge in a relaxing day at home. A DIY spa day date is just one of the many romantic things you can do with your boyfriend. 

Stage the evening with the works – Epsom salts, essential oils, and bubbles in the tub, DIY face masks or go all out and get a spa kit for two. Maybe you can watch a few videos on how to give a proper massage beforehand and treat your man to some pampering. That’s a perfect sexy time booster!

And don’t forget to dim the lighting or add some candles and let Alexa play some soft, love songs in the background for extra romance. Trust us – this step is super important!

8. Play a Sexy Game with Your Stud Muffin

Some Sexy Things to do With Your Boyfriend

Playing cards and a board game are great. But you know what an even better wild activity is for couples? Sexy games with your beau! Think “Strip Poker” or “Sexy Jenga.”

Yes, babes, there are plenty of ways to spice up and add some rather adult spins to the classic game night you already know. When you don’t feel like going out on a date with your man, may we suggest exciting and fun sexy games for couples?

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It’s the best of both worlds, is what we think. Play strip poker, and you get to bring out both of your competitive sides, all in a good way, and it has all the naughty elements that a classic date night at the movies could never!

Maybe play “Never Have I Ever” or sexy “Truth or Dares” too!

9. Scavenger Hunt

Finders Keepers on a Scavenger Hunt

Here’s another exciting thing to do with your boyfriend – create a romantic scavenger hunt. It doesn’t need much but some careful thought and planning, and who doesn’t love scavenger hunts?

And there are plenty of ways to do a scavenger hunt for your honey. Some tips to come up with clues: meaningful items and locations relevant to your memories or some highlights in your relationship.

And here’s another twist – spice up the prize! Maybe you can give him a massage or perhaps have the clues lead him to a secret location where you’re waiting in a sexy outfit and a bottle of wine to enjoy when they join you.

You can even have them stop to pick up flowers for you on the way. The possibilities of how this date can turn out are endless!

10. Trivia Night

Spend Time Together At a Trivia Night

Look, you don’t need to know about a lot of things to love trivia. And even if neither of you has tried it, you won’t know if you’re any good (or bad) at trivia either of you is unless you try it.

Plus, it’s a great way to add something new to your date night in a restaurant or a pub. And a little bit of competition is always healthy in every relationship. 

And if you don’t fancy going out for a date, maybe the weather is not very romantic at the moment, you can try online trivia games for couples

11. Take a Long Walk

What's More Fun Than a Good Long Walk Together

There’s just something about exploring together, discovering new spots, and making new memories in the process. The thing is, there is probably something new in the neighborhood. 

So, how about a long walk to a new locale and discover what’s around? It can be a unique date–and free. Take a long way home, walk hand in hand, pick out your favorite houses or choose where you want to live in and make up tales about who lives inside. 

12. Take a Scenic Bike Ride

Taking a Bike Ride is a Fun Thing To Do

Not a fan of taking long walks? Maybe you would prefer taking scenic bike rides with your boyfriend instead. So bust out those bicycles or maybe head down to the local bike rental shop and get yourselves a tandem bike if that’s more your jam. 

You can go on a city bike tour, check out some new local attractions, maybe stop for some tacos. Or you can go on a scenic route adventure on a bicycle with your beau, head out to your favorite viewpoint in the nearby river, and enjoy the great outdoors. 

13. Sign up for a Cooking Class

Cooking Together is Fun, Eating the Results is More Fun

Looking for a unique date idea for couples? Grab your boyfriend and learn a new skill by signing up for a cooking class!

Whether your skill level in the kitchen includes delicious tostadas or burning toast, you and your boyfriend will fit right in. You can get world-class cooking instruction even if you’re not a world-class chef!

Not to mention, cooking classes are a team-building activity, and aren’t all relationships team-based?

And another best thing about a cooking class date besides learning how to prepare a tasty dish? You can eat real food without the damper of washing and putting the dishes away afterward. 

14. Amusement Park

Amusement Parks are full of fun activities

Amusement parks are great for your first date and your 51st date! There’s always a high chance for closeness and intimacy. And with all the entertaining games out there, it’s guaranteed fun and away from boredom.

Trying new and extreme things in amusement parks is enjoyable to do with your boyfriend. And if you want to let loose, maybe go to Trampoline World. That ought to be fun. Not to mention the calories you’re going to burn. 

15. Escape Room

An Escape Experience Guarantees a Fun Time

Is an Escape Room an excellent thing to do with your boyfriend? Heck, yes! 

They are designed to be challenging but absolutely fun, with plenty of opportunities for excitement and laughter. It’s a stand-out experience, and there may even be a photo-op at the end. It’s perfect for a double date but a fun thing to do with just you and your boyfriend too.

And surely, the rush you’re going to feel as time ticks away will fuel your chemistry together. Whether you win or lose, you and your boyfriend will be in it together. And isn’t that the most important thing of all?

16. Visit a Car Show

Have a Fun Day Out at a Car Show

Is your boyfriend one of those car guys? Whether he’s the kind of guy whose main obsession is cars and anything car-related, or a “superhero” whose superpower is knowing everything about vintage cars, visiting a fancy car show would be a fantastic date idea. 

But there’s a single thing you should never forget to bring on this date, and we’re not talking about your boyfriend! We mean tissues–expect to be wiping that drool off his chin once he sees all the beauty in that show. Before you know it, you’ll be your beau’s superhero!

Going to a driving range is one of the most fun things to do with your boyfriend too.

17. Hit the Beach

Why Not Grab Your Boards and Have Some Beach Fun

Who can resist the beach weather? So whether you go swimming or engage in some fun activities from paddleboarding to kayaking or walking in the sand hand in hand while you people-watch (preferably with a cocktail in one hand), there’s nothing better than going to the beach with bae.

Sun, sand, surf, and lots of skin? What better way can you spend a nice afternoon together? 

Just one tip, find a quiet spot to relax. Or maybe, hit the beach at night – highly recommended for more opportunity in the romance department. But don’t forget to bring a bottle of Champagne. 

18. Sing Karaoke

Put on your Favorite Band and Have a Fun Night of Karaoke

Challenge your boyfriend – who can belt out sappier ballads gets a kiss in the end. You’ll both win in this one. Or maybe play for the same team and perform a sweet love song for a karaoke duet with your boyfriend. Imagine how much fun you’ll both have and get ready to swoon!

Whether you are singer superstars in the making or just feeling like it, karaoke date nights are fantastic for letting loose. Maybe you can get a booth for extra privacy.

And at Karaoke, you’re going to be dancing around. That ought to put you both in a good mood long before the last beat drops. 

19. Visit a Solid Dive Bar

Forget the Coffee Shop, Take Your Boyfriend to a Real Bar

Going to a wine tasting event is a great date idea, but what if your boyfriend is more of the beer kind of guy? 

Maybe skim the winery visit and visit a local dive bar instead. Hole-in-the-wall watering holes have gotten a bad rep, but that’s not to say that they can’t be romantic.

You can get a booth and some drinks for a little privacy. And there’s almost a jukebox tucked in the corner, which essentially guarantees a quality time. 

And maybe if you’re both feeling competitive and ready for some fun and laughter, you can hit the beer pong tables or the dartboards. 

20. “Shop” for Adoptable Pets

Who Doesn't Love Looking at Cute Animals

Everyone deserves love, and who can resist those adorable little puppies and kitties? Surely not your boyfriend.

And don’t let their macho personal fool you. They are definitely going to coo over a cute pup and might even beg you to get them one for their birthday. Better yet, they might get the idea that you want one for your anniversary!

Or if you’re not ready to add one to your family or you can’t have a pet where you live, maybe volunteer in an animal shelter. 

21. Take a Random Road Trip

Take a Drive and See Where the Road Takes You

Pick a random place to go, get in the car, buckle up, drive, and see where the road takes you. See new things and do new things together, wherever you end up. The secret is spontaneity. 

Road trips are fun and exciting, and it gives you plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company. Maybe ask each other random couple questions or sing to your favorite road trip songs or maybe plan your life together!

You can go for the afternoon or hit a B&B for an overnight stay. We vote for a bed and breakfast stay. It sure feels like sneaking around and into someone else’s house, except that you’re 100% allowed to be there!

22. Read Each Other Romance Novels

Create Your Own Book Club

This one is probably not your significant other’s idea of fun, but rest assured, by the end of this date, he’s going to be ecstatic. 

The secret to this date is choosing the right kind of book. Nope, not fairytales or anything resembling a “Once Upon a Time” on the first chapter.

What we’re talking about is some steamy reading of the best romance novel you can find and take turns reading some chapters out loud to each other. 

You’ll both be in the mood for more than just reading way before you even hit the last chapter.

23. Ice Skating

Ice skating dates sound incredibly romantic, so why not give it a chance? Lace up and hit the frozen lake, pond, or rink for a classic date idea with your boyfriend. 

One tip, though: choose a spacious, less crowded place to go ice skating. This date idea may not be the most creative of this bunch, but the memories and laughter you’re going to get from it will be priceless. 

And be ready for a lot of hand-holding with your fella. Gotta keep your man’s hands nice and warm, after all. 

24. Visit a Batting Cage

Grab a bat and swing for the fences

Is your dream boat athletic or, even better, an avid baseball fan? Then he’s going to love practicing his swing on your date to the batting cages! 

And you don’t even have to be great at it to enjoy this great American pastime. Plus, it’s a great chance to have your man help you hold the bat the proper way and master the perfect swing.

That scene always looked good in the movies. It would surely be romantic in real life too! Ultimate win-win!

25. Take a Love Language Test Online

Do You Speak the Language of Love

Whether you are together physically or in a long-distance relationship, this is one of the best things to do with your boyfriend that can help strengthen your connection. 

Not only will a love language test help you become fluent in your different love languages, which is incredibly important in every relationship, but it can also help you understand what each other needs.

After all, it may be true that opposite attracts, but mismatched love languages are one of the reasons why relationships don’t last. 

Once you’re done with that, there are other couple questions to ask to strengthen your love life.

Final Thoughts on Great Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

Whether you prefer staying in the comfort of your home, exploring the outdoors, or trying to navigate virtual dating, there are so many fun things to do with your boyfriend.

From afternoons full of laughter to adventure-filled activities and romantic dates to rival the movies, you will never be running out of things to do with your boyfriend that both of you will completely love anytime soo

The comments are open; let us know what fun things you love to do together. Do you have any traditions or cute stories that you can share with us?