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    How to Kiss Better: A Guide to Perfecting Your Smooching Skills
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How to Kiss Better: A Guide to Perfecting Your Smooching Skills

Look, you probably think you already know how to kiss, but the reality is there’s always room for improvement. Because let’s get real, whether it’s your first time or the hundredth time kissing someone, there are always some new tricks to help you master the art of kissing.

How To Kiss

But why learn how to be a good kisser?

Simple – a great kiss is like a drug or magic, depending on how you look at it. It’s the climax of every great love story. Some even say that a great first kiss is better than the first sexual encounter.

But a kiss gone wrong can be a true tragedy. That’s why we lust after those we consider a great kisser and forget the people who aren’t.

Not every kiss is great and leaves us wanting more. More goes into a kiss beside puckering up and locking lips. No worries if you’re not there yet. We all start somewhere. And remember that kissing is a skill you can learn. Before this article ends, you’ll be kissing to your fullest potential!

How to Start a Kiss

Here’s the thing, we can’t always predict when the mood for a kiss strikes. But if you know that kissing might be on the agenda, a little preparation can go a long way. 

How To Be A Good Kisser

So, before we get into the kissing thing, there’s one point we need to go over – you have to be ready to have that first kiss! 

Chapped Lips? Keep Those Moisturized

Have you ever tried kissing someone with chapped lips? Not great. So, don’t forget to prep your pucker! First, make sure your lips aren’t cracked or dry by keeping them moisturized. Then, a pre-kiss touch-up by applying a lip balm goes a long way in keeping your lips kissable before the moment happens. 

But if you don’t have one on hand, hydrate by sipping some water. It can quickly moisten your lips before puckering up for that kiss. It makes everything more pleasurable for everyone involved.

And if you took the pre-date routine to a tee, maybe include a lip scrub to avoid chapped and peeling lips in time for that kiss. 

Carry Those Mints with You

Want another way to guarantee you’re going to kiss like a pro? Two words: fresh breath. No one wants to go up close and personal with the person of your dreams, ready for that passionate kiss, but instead, you meet the kiss of death. Not great at all. 

How To Kiss Well

Worried about your breath? Then having some mints on hand is always a great idea. But what if you’re already in the restaurant, enjoying your date, and you’re out of mints?

Simple tip – ask your server for a slice of lemon and drop it in your water. Citrus has antibacterial properties that can neutralize bad breath.  

Keep Garlic and Onions Off the Menu

If you’re anticipating a date would end up in Makeout Town, maybe keep off those stank-inducing foods such as garlic and raw onions. Processed cheese like Cheetos is not a great idea either. The same goes for cabbage, broccoli, and tuna. 

Alcohol is another popular drink when going out on a date. But you might want to limit your liquor to a few shots, especially with whiskey and mixed drinks. Have you heard of alcohol breath? Not very good for your kissability. 

Respect Consent Always

You might feel comfortable surprising your partner with kisses in a long term relationship. But it’s always important to have someone’s consent before you touch or kiss them otherwise.

How Do You Kiss Someone

Whether you think the mood is right doesn’t matter unless you know someone wants you to kiss them.

The secret is to look them in the eyes and whisper those words slowly, intently. But if you prefer something more casual and lighter, how about, “It’s a good [night] for kissing. Don’t you think so?” or “Do you want to make out?” might also work. 

And make sure you get their answer, and you’re on the same page before leaning in for a kiss. They might say, “No” or “Maybe another time” or “Not here.” Whatever their answer may be, instead of asking them to explain why, or worse, trying to change their mind, accept their choice gracefully. 

How to Be a Good Kisser – 8 Secrets to Kissing

Kissing is one of the ways to confirm your attraction to someone. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel obligated to kiss every single one of them. You don’t owe anyone a kiss. 

How To Kiss A Guy Well

With that said, if you do find someone you are attracted to and want to kiss, you’d like to perfect your kissing technique. So, how can you become a much better kisser? 

We’ve got the secrets to becoming the best kisser right here. 

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1. Build Up the Big Moment

Kissing is like an art, or an almost dance. It takes finesse like you would when flirting. So start simple and slow, and try out your sexy kissing moves once it feels comfortable and natural. You’ll know when. 

Maybe start with a peck around the lips or a light swipe of your lips past theirs. And maybe, after a few pecks, build up the anticipation by pulling back an inch, smile, bask in your partner’s reaction before going in for the kill. Letting yourself linger between kisses help build up the passion and really captures your kissing partner’s attention as if you don’t have it already. 

The key here is to leave your partner wanting more, not imposed upon by the kiss. 

2. Take Note of the Things Bae Does

Paying attention to what your partner does and likes is a great way to hone your technique. 

That is why slowing down at the beginning is important. It doesn’t only add a little tantalization, but it allows you to take note of their moves. So, take your time, note their personal preference, and then gently do it back. You’ll know you got their message if they respond to your kiss with enthusiasm.

Maybe let your new partner lead. Or once you’re both comfortable, try taking control and adding your own artistry to the kiss and see how your partner would respond to it. 

3. Stick Your Hands on the Good Spots, My Friend

Okay, so you’ve locked lips by now. But what are you supposed to do with your hands? Do you just let them hang loose on your side? Of course, not.

How To Kiss A Girl

The human body has many sensitive spots that can be incorporated into a good lip-lock.

  • Put both your hands on either side of your partner’s face. That’s always a good start. And maybe you can also slide your hands back into their hair once things get steamier. 
  • Place one of your hands behind the neck (don’t hesitate to venture into the hair land) and the other on their lower back. 
  • Opt for resting both hands lightly on their chest (assuming he’s a guy, otherwise, probably skip this one for now). And it can progress into the neck or tug on their collar a little. 
  • Try placing both hands on their hips, and maybe you can sneak around the lower back for a light squeeze. 
  • Lastly, try mapping out your touch – from the face sliding down to their hair, down the nape of their neck, and running a few fingers up and down their spine. 

A good make-out session is a lot more than just a lip lock. Use your entire body. Try pressing up against them. That’s one surefire way to turn a good kiss into something hot. 

4. Master the Art of French Kissing

Too much tongue can turn a passionate kiss into a slobbery mess really quick. Major kissing mistake right there! 

The thing is, French kissing is more than just kissing with mouths open, and it’s absolutely not supposed to be sloppy, messy, and gross. 

If you want to be a better kisser, here are some tips:

  • Start with a few tongueless kisses, then lightly brush your tongue along their lips. You’re basically asking them for permission to take the kiss further. 
  • Here are two ways you can do it once you receive the green light: trace your tongue along their lips or touch and slide your tongue along theirs. But the secret to both is to do it slowly and gently. 
  • For a hotter French kiss, try swirling the tip of your tongue in circles around the tip of theirs. This motion can be very stimulating with all the nerve endings in the tongue. 
  • Lastly, vary the pressure. Using the same technique throughout a make-out session can leave both of you feeling bored and uninspired. To keep the French kiss exciting, try to alternate between light traces of your tongue to their lips to a deeper, higher-contact tongue-on-tongue session. 

Take French kissing as a slow, sensual dance. Don’t rush it.

5. No to Nibbling, Yes to Tugging

I’m sorry – do you like your lips nibbled? The same way you nibble the straw on your iced coffee drink or that beef jerky or the pen caps when you’re really concentrating? Yeah, probably not. Honestly, you wouldn’t want to subject your lips to that kind of assault.

How To Kissing Tips

But do you know what makes a good teeth action? Two words: gentle tugging. It starts with taking your partner’s upper lip or lower lip between your front teeth and giving it a gentle tug before letting it go. Not an actual nibble, right? 

With that said, introducing a bit of teeth to the kiss demonstrates a different intensity of your desire. The different sensation between the softness of their lips to the hard surface of your teeth can make the kiss even more pleasurable. 

6. Close Your Eyes

Eye contact is always great, but now is not the time for it. Another bad idea, this one! Try looking into someone’s eyes while you’re deep in a kiss. That’s seriously bizarre, if not creepy, and a surefire way to kill the mood.

So, keep your eyes closed while making out. But there are other reasons you should not try to look creepy. Kissing with your eyes closed can make the kiss so much better.

Have you tried eating ice cream with your eyes closed? You’ll find it more amazing. That’s because when you block out one of your senses, the others become heightened. The same goes when kissing. 

7. Passion Is Everything

In whatever you do, passion makes a lot of difference, and that includes if you’re making out. Your ability to immerse yourself fully in the kiss can play a huge part in whether your lips remain engaged or get shut out in the cold. 

How To French Kiss

After you’ve been kissing for a while, go a little further, with your partner’s approval, of course. Passion is everything, so don’t get scared to be sensually aggressive. Maybe let your hands wander and go for other erogenous zones or pull each other closer. 

If it feels good, let yourself moan. It’s an instant addition to the sexiness and makes for a steamier kiss. 

8. Have Make-Out Sessions Every Chance You Get

We’ve saved the best for last – practice. 

As they always say, “practice makes perfect.” Practicing how to kiss is for teenagers, and it sure didn’t teach you much. But having regular make-out sessions might! So, as your relationship progresses, remember to kiss often, every chance you get. And don’t forget to let those kisses linger and even turn them into full make-out sessions. 

Not to mention, kissing is healthy, and there are plenty of other reasons to spend more time making out besides mastering how to be a good kisser. 

There Are More Places to Kiss Than the Mouth

A simple kiss on the cheeks can show emotions of care, love, and affection. But a steamy, romantic kiss can pack a serious punch. Neck kisses, anyone? And that’s why we have this one last tip on how to be a good, unforgettable kisser – map out your kisses. 

Kissing Tips

Kisses on the lips are great, but other unique kissing spots can also drive your partner wild. Besides kissing their lips, here are other fun spots to try kissing too:

  • Tip of the nose
  • Under the jawbone
  • The neck
  • Cheek
  • Eyelids
  • Forehead
  • The soft spot behind the earlobe
  • Shoulder
  • The little dip in the collarbone

And besides, you probably need to take a second to breathe after that kissing session. Exploring these areas of the body can definitely give you that and more. 

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Here are more tips to add to your kissing artistry:

  • Whisper something sweet or sexy in their ear.
  • Give their earlobe a little nip.
  • If you’re behind bae, give them a neck kiss or kiss them from the top of their shoulder, mapping down the curve towards their ear.
  • Start slow with a forehead kiss and slowly move towards a nose kiss, dropping a peck on the tip of their nose. Before you even kiss your partner’s lips, they will be beyond ready for it. 

Don’t be afraid to mix your kissing techniques up from time to time. Many men and women prefer a variety of kisses. Surprise is one of the exciting elements that can take kissing to the next level. 

Final Thoughts – How to Be a Good Kisser

Kissing is amazing but remember: different people like different kisses. 

Always pay attention to what your guy or woman wants. Feel the mood to find out what kind of kiss is best for the situation. And don’t forget to enjoy the moment.

And if you do come across a bad kisser, don’t swipe left just yet. Consider giving them a second chance, especially if the date was going great. One bad kiss is not a deal-breaker. Although a kiss can make or break a connection, remember that it’s a skill. Meaning it can be learned! 

Maybe you can read this article together and practice how to be better kissers together. Now, that would be the most fun part! What do you think? Leave your comments below.