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    Moustache Culture: 10 Creative Moustache-Obsessed Products
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Moustache Culture: 10 Creative Moustache-Obsessed Products

A few years ago, the moustache renaissance grew to a fever pitch, with men across the globe donning the do of their forefathers with a furry upper lip. Moustache Culture was back, and throughout this renaissance many creative designers have paid homage to its symbolism in human culture. To celebrate the moustache, and the designers who admire it, here are 10 creative examples of moustache iconography, a range of moustache-obsessed products for the ‘stache lover in you, be you man or woman.

Moustache Handkerchief by Avril Loreti

Our grandfathers had handkerchiefs. They also had moustaches. With these Moustache Handkerchiefs by Avril Loreti, you can rock that grandfather style without, you know, growing a moustache. This unisex handkerchief can be a pocket square or a do-rag, or it can be used for its originally intended purpose. When you lift this handkerchief to your grill, however, you’ll be rocking the Dali, the Selleck or the classic Handlebar in ultimate style.

Moustache Handkerchief Gallery

The Moustaches Skateboards

These moustache boards add a touch of refined masculinity to your travels while you kick, push, ollie and grind. “The Mustaches” Skateboards are a series of four boards each featuring an illustrated profile of a man with his own style of moustache. The “Ira”, the “Teddy”, the “Kirk” and the “Ernesto” are each available, made to order by skateboard-minded illustrators.

Moustache Salt and Pepper Shakers

What other body part or hairstyle has ever been commemorated as salt and pepper shakers? Okay, don’t answer that. These Moustache Salt and Pepper Shakers are as playful as they are functional, a center-separated pair of shakers that add a dash of salt and a bit of pepper to your dining experience. Don’t worry about getting hairs in your food, or food in your flavor saver– these made of nothing more than simple, stained wood.

Moustache Salt and Pepper Shakers Gallery

Moustache Band-Aids

As the moustache can disguise the emotion a stoic man hides, these Moustache Bandages are designed to disguise your pain. For every bump, scrape, sliver and sting, these moustache band-aids are here to protect. They’re available in a range of styles, from the old timey duster to the Teddy Roosevelt and beyond.

Moustache Wallpaper by Natalie Wright

Illustrator and wallpaper maven Natalie Wright is quite passionate about the moustache, enough so to produce a roll so anyone can cover their walls with friendly ‘staches. The Moustache Wallpaper by Natalie Wright may not appear to be illustrations of moustaches at first glance, but tilt your head to the side and the ‘stache cannot be missed. Fans of creative wallpaper will love the work of Wright, her larger collection should not be missed.

Moustache Wallpaper Gallery

Moustache Pencils

These playful Moustache Pencils by Atypyk can be used not only for their intended purpose, but also for a quick disguise. Hold the pencil below your nose, and you’ll take on the moustached-character that inspired these pencils– Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django or Clark.

Moustache Mugs by Peter Bruegger

Originally covered here on TheCoolist last summer, the Moustache Mugs by Peter Bruegger have long been a reader favorite. Like the Moustache Handkerchiefs and the Moustache Pencils, lift the Moustache Mugs up to your mouth to take on the persona of a moustached fellow of the past. As you can see from the image above (and the gallery below), these Moustache Mugs are unisex, letting the ladies get in on the moustache fun while enjoying a cup o’ joe.

Moustache Mugs Gallery

Dapper Men Moustache T-Shirt

This shirt, designed by HumanShapedRobot and sold by ChopShop, features 141 moustached men, a proverbial guide to being a dapper fellow. The Dapper Men Moustache T-Shirt features the facial hairstyles of some of history’s most famous moustached men. Sigmund Freud, Jerry Garcia, Charles Bronson and Fidel are all present, as well as 137 more for you to identify. It’s like a moustache version of Where’s Waldo, and you wear it on your chest.

Moustache T-Shirt Gallery

Moustache Key Holder

A Moustache Key Holder… why not? Designer Ben Floeter designed this moustache key hook out of gold-painted reclaimed wood and five simple hooks. The wood is hand-carved in the shape of a classic moustache, ready to adorn your walls in a playful fashion.

Mr. Moustache Pillow

Mr. Moustache Pillow wants to snuggle. If you’re a die-hard moustache fan or just a bit lonely (or both), you can dress up Mr. Moustache with four different snuggle-ready ‘staches. This pillow includes the Fu Manchu, the Trucker, the Gentleman and the Salt ‘n’Pepper, swappable on the fly based on your mood.

Mr. Moustache Pillow Gallery

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