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Retromade Spyder Roadster

Don’t have the scratch for a vintage, restored Porsche 550 Spyder?  There’s always the replica route.  The Retromade Spyder Roadster will fool nearly any onlooker on the street, thanks to a dashing, faithful design that recalls the best characteristics of the original.  This body, engine option and interior will fit on either a Volkswagen Beetle or Pontiac Fiero frame, and provide between 132 hp and 245 hp based on the engine of your choice.  Choose the Subaru Boxer option, and you’ll have the full power available for some vintage Porsche-style get-up-and-go.  Sure, a purist may look at this and see “replica” immediately, but even they will be impressed with how stunning this Retromade roadster looks.  [via uncrate]

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