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    Saunalautta Floating Sauna Houseboat is a Cruise-Worthy Campsite
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Saunalautta Floating Sauna Houseboat is a Cruise-Worthy Campsite

The sauna has a special place in the heart of every Finn. Since the days before central heating, Finnish saunas weren’t a luxury, they were a necessary way of dealing with cold winters. There are more than 2 million saunas in Finland today, and this inventive new sauna is one of the country’s newest. The Saunalautta Floating Sauna Houseboat is part sauna, part houseboat, part mobile campsite. It was built by a group of friends for personal enjoyment, but it’s now available to rent for vacationers in Finland.

The Saunalautta Floating Sauna is built on a foundation of floating pontoons, then powered by an engine in the rear of the boat. It spans not one, not two, but three stories thanks to a crows nest overlook up top. It features an interior of two rooms on the base level, one with a hot, steamy sauna and the other with a set of four bunks for guests. It’ll keep its guests warm and provide a place to sleep, but most of the fun takes place outside.

Saunalautta is designed like a houseboat, with 90 degree walls and a deck that extends around the entire interior section. A ladder provides access to the second level, a rooftop sundeck for lounging and relaxation. The crows nest is accessible from this sundeck, offering a great viewpoint for whichever part of Finland the boat is docked at the moment. Hammocks are attacked to different parts of the boat on each level, allowing for more places to relax or overnight sleeping in the warmer months.

The Saunalautta Floating Sauna isn’t the first of its kind we’ve covered in Finland. The Onsen Bath Boat by Rintal Eggertsson Architects is another standout, one that was built for luxury and personal service in the waters around Finland. Where the Onsen Bath Boat is luxurious, the Saunalautta is playful and spirited. It’s a creative design project that will lead to lasting memories in those who hop on board. As mentioned above, it’s available now to the public.

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