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    Seven Deadly Sins Wine
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Seven Deadly Sins Wine

The Spanish design agency Sidecar Publicidad has released a series of wine label designs for each of the seven deadly sins.  Envy, Lust, Gluttony and the rest are all here, represented in visually striking forms.  That bright, shiny gold bottle inspires envy, and the red, lingerie-laced bottle is as lusty as it gets.  We know a thing or two about wine label designs, having featured some pretty popular articles on the design of wine in the past.  These label designs by Sidecar are some of the best we’ve seen, a collection where each label tells a story and the bottles come together to communicate a message.  They’re inspiring envy, lust and gluttony from us, at least…  Sinful work, Sidecar!




Seven Deadly Sins Wine Gallery