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Sony PS3 Slim: Playstation Power for $299


For the longest time, Microsoft’s biggest leg up over Sony was the price of their Xbox 360 system.  Today, Sony bridged that gap with the Sony PS3 Slim– priced at just $299.  While those who have been waiting to get their hands on those tasty Playstation-exclusive titles will now be fulfilled, it might be a bit too late for Sony to tighten up its market share.  The advancements of the Xbox Live offering, its exclusive deal with Netflix and new community games like 1v100 will give Sony a tough hill to climb to fight this oft bloody console war.  Regardless, even Xbox 360 owners have found that PS3 power is now in their reach.  Will this be the right time for you to strike?  Let us know in the comments… [more at gadget lab]

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