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    Sound Night Club Phuket
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Sound Night Club Phuket

Second only to the beautiful island nation of the Maldives, Phuket, Thailand is one of TheCoolist’s favorite island travel destinations.  Should you find yourself on this small island just south of Bangkok, you’ll want to hit up the new night spot, the SOUND Night Club of Phuket.  We may not have sipped Sound’s cocktails or samples its sounds, but the visual inspiration alone is enough to warrant a visit.  The vibrant, fluo-colored hot spot is the brain child of Orbit Design Studio, an interplanetary experience of future club culture.  We may prefer the pub to the club here at TheCoolist, but you can bet we’d be down for making a scene at this spot.  [soundphuket via coolhunter]

Sound Night Club Phuket Gallery