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    11 Best Tactical Pants for Men That Are Practical And Stylish 
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11 Best Tactical Pants for Men That Are Practical And Stylish 

Before you walk out the door, whether you go for khakis, slacks, chinos, or any other kind of pants, comfort, and style are among the most important consideration. Your pants should allow you to make strides without straining. You want to easily move up and down the staircase or effortlessly go about your daily chores. That meant great pants are both functional and stylish.

Tactical pants for men

So, what about tactical pants? Unlike everyday casual or official wear, tactical pants tend to be more purpose-oriented. In other words, you are not only making a fashion statement but also saying something about your profession or line of duty. Nonetheless, they are suitable for adornment by anyone on any day without necessarily carrying the “heavy-duty” tag.

One distinguishing factor about tactical pants is that they come in a combination of multiple complex pocket styles and shapes. Their fabric is also very unique as it can withstand harsh environments. Tactical pants can be simple and ordinary-looking or sophisticated in design.

If your day-to-day activities involve lots of time in the outdoors, or better still, you’re in one of the tactical-related professions; then this article is for you. We’ve put together an elaborate guide to help you pick the best tactical pants without breaking a sweat. But first, here are a few things to consider before purchasing a pair of these hard-wearing pants.

What Tactical Pants Should Be All About

To get practical, best-fitting, and good-looking pants, you’ll need a combination of great taste, an eye for details, and an understanding of purpose. It’s kinda like the mind and the heart working in tandem, allowing you to explore and experiment with different styles that magnificently accentuate your body while serving your needs.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when looking for your ideal pair of tactical bottoms:


Whatever your motivation (work, style, or performance), pick tactical pants that fit perfectly. Correct size guarantees you comfort and confidence as you work around your day.

Get your waistline and length/height measurements correctly, and your pants will give you a warm embrace.

Tactical pants tend to sit a little higher on your waist than ordinary trousers. This allowance helps you to properly fit duty belts and other heavy gear without pulling the pants southward. Remember to give thought to the kind of shoes you pair with your choice of tactical pants.


Why do you need a pair of tactical pants?

In the early days, tactical pants were primarily used by the military. Over time, however, they became acceptable among civilian fashionistas, particularly because the military surplus found its way into civilian markets.

Today, tactical pants are almost standard wear for most field workers. You can use them to keep pens, pads, phones, and other every day carries (EDC) that need quick access.

You will need the most suitable pants for hiking, mountain climbing, winter seasons, sports, construction, bushland navigation, or just a day out in the streets. It pays to clearly identify for what and how you want to use your pants.


The number of pockets and pocket designs are distinguishing features of tactical pants. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and positioning, depending on the intended use.

Common pockets on tactical pants include; cargo pockets, hidden pockets, magazines, knives, symmetrical knee-pad and slash pockets. They all serve different purposes. You may also find a combination of any of them on the same pair of pants.


Tactical pants are generally built to last. They should ultimately not only look tough but also act tough.

Tactical pants borrow heavily from military history. If built right, they are considerably durable and can withstand tough and harsh conditions.

11 Best Tactical Pants for Men

When it comes to tactical pants, there is something for everyone. In this dedicated list, you find some outstanding choices of the best tactical pants to serve nearly any purpose.

1. Edwin 45 Combat Pant

Edwin 45 Combat Pant Shop Now

Practicality may be the selling point of tactical pants, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. The 45 Combat Pant by Edwin is proof of this.

This selection reinvents the saggy khaki-colored combat pants for a multipurpose, multifunctional ensemble. Perfect for the rough-and-tumble of the workplace or the high-stakes battlefields of a first date, the 45 Combat Pant is as stylish as it gets. 

Its good looks are thanks to its detailed craftsmanship. Edwin is a big believer in authentic, high-grade fabrics and their combat pants are no exception. Made from a 100% cotton blend, the 45 Combat Pant cuts a cool figure with its low-waist and 8 ribbed corduroy design.

Soft yet durable, you can stay casual and comfortable while going about your day. Edwin also added belt loops for those who like an extra lift or a tighter fit with their work pants.

Overall the 45 Combat Pant does what few tactical pants do well: look good. 

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2. Rains Men’s Pants

Rains Men’s Pants Shop Now

If you’re the kind of man who likes to rely on a backpack or toolbox, then a simplified work look is the way to go. The Men’s Pants by Rains takes the minimalistic route, slimming down the classical tactical pants for low-profile work pants. 

Despite lacking the usual bells and whistles, this piece is highly functional. The waterproof PU fabric allows it to also serve as rain pants. Slip a pair on for yard work or head out into a downpour for a last-minute errand and stay dry all the while. Each leg bottom features a zipper slip so you can easily pull them over your work boots. 

Made of a polyester-polyurethane blend, this pant foregoes the typical bulky cargo pockets for a simple pocket design. There are two comfortably sized side pockets plus a back pocket for your convenience. The elastic waistband makes for a cozy fit, easily adjusted by the sturdy drawstring. 

Practical and simple, Rains Men’s Pants is a definite win in our book.

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3. Hellmei Classical Tactical Pants

Hellmei Classical Tactical Pants

Crafted in an outstanding design, the Hellmei Classical Tactical Pants make a great outfit for demanding outdoor activities or everyday casual wear.

Fitted with multiple pockets that come in various designs, this kind of tactical pant makes a good choice for camping, hiking, jungle walks, general travel, and even more demanding outdoor action-filled activities such as mountain climbing.

This Hellmei creation is weaved from polyester and cotton, blended at 65% and 35%, respectively. It’s just the right mix to withstand harsh weather, making it suitable for combat.

With this free-fitting design, your legs are left free and unrestrained to move around comfortably. It also looks classy, especially when you pair it with the right shoes and top to go along.

The Hellmei Ripstop Tactical Pants is undoubtedly an excellent choice of hardy pants that combines style and street-savviness.

4. Navekull Outdoor Tactical Pants

Navekull Outdoor Tactical Pants

An elastic waistband, seven cool and stylish pockets, and 3D tailoring are some of the features that make the Navekull Tactical Pants an irresistible choice.

Navekull Pants are made for practical use all year round and live up to their calling by adorning several complementing features. The pockets are designed to serve multiple purposes.

Two slanting pockets cut across the thigh circumference. Two more cargo pockets sit by the side. And two rear pockets lie comfortably on both sides of the hip region while two others right below the waist area. Then there is a small, discreet internal pocket that finalizes the count of storage facilities on this pair of pants.

The Navekull combines cotton, polyester, and spandex to build a lively breathable ensemble perfect for outdoor activities. It can also be your go-to pair for work or weekend casual.

With a firm fabric that’s meant to take on weather challenges, the Navekull makes a good fit for hunting, hiking, paintball, combat, and other physically-demanding exercises. It will keep you comfortable all day long. The large loops all-round the waist allow you to fit a large belt to hold it in place at all times.

5. LA Police Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

LA Police Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

LA Police Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants are indisputably one of the most popular among tactical gear adherents. Perhaps the mere association with Los Angeles Police Department heightens the desire to own a pair.

So what does the LA Police Gear Tactical Pant (also known as the LAPG) bring to your closet?

This brand brings to the fore some of the most practical solutions.

First, there are a total of eight pockets, with the large cargo pockets, each fitted with a D-ring to hook your keys or any other items. Another set of slanted cargo pockets make good storage space for your phone and other items whether you are seated, walking, or standing.

The fabric that makes the LAPG is cotton at 55% and polyester filling in the 45% balance.

With large loops that take up belts of 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches, you will find a use for a collection of large belts with nice, shiny buckles. The elastic waistband gives it a more comfortable and adjustable fitting.

6. Luckin Packin Men’s Tactical Pants

Luckin Packin Mens Tactical Pants

Made of 100% cotton, Luckin Packin Tactical Pants are a gem worth having in your closet. The pants fall squarely into daily casual wear that is proudly one of the best.

You can pick it out from the crowd with its simplified and straightforward flap cargo pockets. The pockets lie on each side of the knee-pad and slightly below the crus area of the leg.

Luckin Packin gives the wearer an element of machoism and readiness to get down to work. It’s the perfect pick for camping, hiking, fishing, and any other outdoor activity that demands tough garments.

The most enticing aspect of the Luckin Packin Pants is that they are made with a layer of a protective finish that is resistant to soil and moisture. This also means that they don’t stain easily. So washing them is a breeze.

7. AKARMY Men’s Wild Cargo Pants

AKARMY Men’s Wild Cargo Pants

When you integrate a button fly, drawstring closure, and a zipper in one pair of pants, you give it an unrivaled secure fitting. It means you have a pair of pants you can comfortably wear while strolling around the neighborhood, climbing a steep mountain trail, or as you sit back on the couch binge-watching the latest Netflix shows.

That is how practical and relaxed the Akarmy Wild Cargo Tactical Pants are.

Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the Akarmy Wild Cargo Pants have a rugged, hardy, and functional look that makes them an easy win among the best tactical pants in the market.

Akarmy pants make movement so easy. You can fold and stretch your feet without experiencing the restrictive feeling that comes with ordinary jeans. Go ahead and run, jump, or perform other maneuvers seamlessly with this amazing pair of trousers.

Another plus for these cargo pants is the freestyle-fitting. You can pair them with a variety of tops. T-shirts, polos, jackets, and even a cardigan will go well with a pair of your fav color of Akarmy tactical pants.

The straight leg openings make it easy to get your foot through, while the drawstrings leave it well-aligned to your boots. Use an Akarmy for both indoor and outdoor leisure or work needs.

8. 5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro Tactical Pants, Style 74273

5.11 Men's Taclite Pro Tactical Pants, Style 74273

This 8-pocket pair of pants is what you need when you want to spot the ultimate professional look in tactical pants.

The 5.11 Men’s Taclite Pro Tactical Pants eliminate slanting pockets’ extravagances and instead take up easy-to-access strap-and-slash pockets. They are deep enough, giving you ample storage and quick means of item retrieval.

Once again, polyester and cotton combine to make a fine fabric on a stylish design made to get the job done simply. The Teflon coating forms a protective layer against moisture, soil, and stain. This makes it an easy-to-clean fabric after a long day hiking, hunting, or working at a construction site.

9. Tru-Spec Tactical Pant

Tru-Spec Tactical Pant

Sleek, elegant, and straight is the simple way to describe the Tru-Spec Tactical Pants. This is one of the most sophisticated tactical pants in the market.

The deep front pockets allow you to stash in a significantly large item for survival. The backside is also furnished with expandable pockets that have a hook and closure feature. More hidden pockets for small weapons and knives make you a lethal combat personnel on a mission.

The Tru-Spec is built tough for tough activities. Fusing 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the Tru-Spec reimagines comfort around hardship environments.

The huge loops on the waistband can take a 2-inch belt. The waistband is an adjustable slider that stays firm and avoids collecting together in an uncomfortable fold. Then you have a fly zipper and a button to keep everything stoically firm.

This is arguably one of the most comfortable and uniquely designed tactical pants for professionals. Whether you wear it to work or on your off-day, the Tru-Spec pant is always a timely apparel.

10. SIGAWN Military Cargo Pants

SIGAWN Military Cargo Pants

If you are the kind of person that loves to incorporate military sophistication in your clothing style, the Sigwan Military Tactical Cargo Pants is an ideal fit.

This is a 100% cotton fabric creation, making it an easy wash that’s durable and comfortable even under extremely hot conditions. It makes a good fit for outdoor activities and can be matched with a variety of top wears.

The Sagwan pants also make a good choice for casual streetwear on a day out. Field workers will find it practical to throw in some notepads, survival gear, and other accessories in the multiple pockets.

11. Antarctica Lightweight Tactical Pants

SIGAWN Military Cargo Pants

Antarctica tactical pants are sharp, fashionable, and practical-looking bottoms that you can swiftly pass for the most decent streetwear. You can pair it up with a matching polo, a jacket, or cardigan to complete the look.

With a total of ten pockets all around, you have enough space to hold up several tools and work in complex situations much easier. The soft feel of the fabric built from 65% polyester ad 35% cotton gives you the guts to comfortably swing your feet in any direction unrestrained.

The fabric is fortified for durability. The camouflage version of the Antarctica Lightweight tactical pants is good for both civilian and military functionalities.


Tactical pants are a great mix of functionality, style, and durability. With them, you can bring the bush life into the streets. They are made for the rough ride of combat environments and never disappoint.

With a combination of several admirable characteristics, it’s easy to see why field workers love these bottoms. Multiple pockets for storage means you free your hands in readiness for action while the tough fabric guarantees personal safety. Sold in various colors and material options, tactical pants are impacting a generation of fashion lovers, both male and female. It is for a good reason that they’ve found a soft spot in the hearts of modern fashionistas, field workers, and the general public.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I like your article because it compared the best products in the market. This helps me easy to make my decision for buying. Great!

  2. 5.11 is the first pair of “tactical” pants I’ve purchased and a learning experience for me. These pants are extremely durable, comfortable and they fit me with and without a belt. Lots of pockets for ticket books, gloves and what not. I wore them all summer in the beach town I worked at.

  3. There are many styles of tactical pants available today. To help you find the best pair, here are some things to consider: style, size, pocket configuration, material, and price. Besides, you also can refer some tactical pants brands such as CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Helikon-Tex OTP Tactical Pants, Outback Line or Survival Tactical Gear Tactical Pants.