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The 2014 BMW 328d Experience

Feel like joining us for a little road trip?  Over the next week, we’ll be behind the wheel of the all-new 328d Diesel courtesy of our friends at BMW.  We’ll get up-close-and-personal for some photographs, we’ll cruise down Florida’s Gulf Coast and we’ll do it all on one tank of diesel fuel.  We’ll be sharing the experience live on Facebook and Twitter as we explore what makes the diesel heartbeat of the 328d so special.  If this is new to you too, here’s a teaser– up to 45 mph on the highway, and a range of about 675 miles on a single tank of fuel.

We picked up the all-new BMW 328d Diesel this morning and our driving experience has begun.  Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for live coverage throughout the week.  We’ll share our take-aways here on TheCoolist next Monday, October 14th, in a long-form conclusion about our experience.  See you on the road!


bmw full tank facebook

A full tank of diesel… 675 miles of possibilities.

bmw skyline facebook

BMW 328d looking fresh in front of a skyline sunset in Florida.

bmw photoshoot BTS twitter

The 328d goes in for its closeup in front of our camera.


Our editor, Maximus, begs us to drive the 328d.

bmw low rpms twitter

The 328d is geared for highway driving— 79mph at a very low 1800 RPMs.

bmw brick alley facebook

We caught a stunning sunset in the 328d in Naples, FL.

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