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The Postcard Inn, St. Petersburg, Florida

The Postcard Inn – “Out with the old, in with the new” is a common convention in Florida beach travel.  Outside of Florida’s few historically-preserved beach communities, most vacation spots have been dozed and developed– with Med-Rev mid-rises replacing classic 1950s hotels.  The Postcard Inn of St. Pete Beach has bucked this trend to craft a special experience on the Gulf Coast.  Instead of razing the old and building new, the Postcard has rehabbed this hotel to its original glory, yielding a vintage vacation spot for culture-minded travelers.

Design is a central part of the philosophy that created the Postcard Inn.  From lobby to room, pool to patio, every inch of the Postcard was carefully crafted to create the feeling of vintage vacationing.  The lobby is lined with library bookshelves and mid-century furniture that yields a homey atmosphere, not unlike an old American cottage.  A chalkboard behind the concierge displays the time of sunset, sunrise, the tides and the temp, as well as a weather update from the chilly North.  The lobby opens up to a long courtyard with a pair of stunning old oaks with hanging chandeliers, the pearls of the Postcard’s landscape.

The courtyard ends at a brick-paved pool and the Postcard’s bar.  The pool’s fence is framed with flowers, wispy grasses and palm trees, all native to the area.  Between the pool and the white sands of St. Pete Beach, the Postcard’s bar serves strong drinks from day break to the early morning.  The bar is built with old reclaimed wood, recycled tin roofs and license plates from all over the world– from places that travelers left to visit these sandier pastures.  It feels like the place the locals go to avoid the tourists, the secret getaway that is only accessible to those in-the-know.

During our stay, we opted for a poolside cabana, a room with a small yard and a sleepy hammock with a view of the pool and the beach in the distance.  The rooms are bright and warm, each style with a distinct design and character of its own.  Ours featured a collection of inspiring quotes from Henry David Thoreau, Williams S. Burroughs, Paul Simon and even Jay Z.  It’s hard to enter these rooms without wanting to take an afternoon nap.  Like the rest of this hotel, there’s something very homey, very relaxing about these rooms.

In season, prices at the Postcard start at around $200 a night.  Our editor, Max the Yorkshire Terrier, was welcome to stay at the hotel as well for a $50 pet fee.  Our accountant, Magnum the Doberman Pinscher, was a bit too heavy for the 20 pound pet limit.  If you’re planning a beach vacation and desire something different, the Postcard Inn has our endorsement.  Oh, and like we did, opt for the delivery of “a bucket of cold ass beer” upon check-in.  What could possibly make you feel more welcome?


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