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The Vencer Sarthe is a Dynamic Dutch Dreamcar

The supercar class is about as exclusive as it gets, a group that holds a handful of automobiles capable of cracking 200mph. The best Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and others join this club, but there’s an even more exclusive group of boutique coachbuild performance cars that are lesser known. Among these is the Vencer Sarthe, one of the newest supercars available today from a company younger than this website.

The Vencer Sarthe is a new supercar produced by a Dutch sports car manufacturer with just one product– this one. It’s a purpose-built, tailor made performance car that is about as rare as it gets. It joins a handful of supercars capable of climbing to 210 mph, and it does so thanks to some serious Dutch engineering under the hood. It’s powered by a 6.3L supercharged mid-engine V8, a powerhouse that produces 622 horsepower with the pedal jammed. It’ll break 62 mph in 3.6 seconds, climbing from there to a top speed of 210 where the road (or track) allows.

Beyond the rarity of the name and the power under the hood, the Vencer Sarthe sports a pretty remarkable design. When facing the front, the lines of the Sarthe are sharp, flat and horizontal. From the side profile, curves on the hood, roof and rear are much more dramatic. These come together to yield a shape that is both aerodynamic and menacing, rigid and flexible all at once. Vencer isn’t breaking into any new territory with the Sarthe, but they’ve produced a competent, attractive and aggressive design that’s sure to entice a few well-to-do drivers.

In total, it’s a car we didn’t expect from a name we’d never heard of, but we’ll certainly remember it now. The Vencer Sarthe is a sexy new addition to the supercar stable, one so rare that most of us may never have the pleasure of seeing one, letting alone getting behind the wheel.

Vencer Sarthe Supercar 8

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Vencer Sarthe Supercar 2

Vencer Sarthe Supercar | Gallery

One comment
  1. A decent design that appears to have taken a lot of cues from other cars in its market niche. Pushing the ideas envelope a bit more would help, but this isn’t bad for a first try. Now about the interior, what happened?! There isn’t anything worthwhile inside this car.