By Seamus Payne

10 Low Cost, High Culture Escapes for the Creative Traveler

If your budget and free time are too tight to warrant a trip overseas, these 10 destinations can provide both a rich cultural and environmental experience that you may not have at home. 

Charleston, South Carolina

For those who love a bit of history, boutique-style shopping, old-world landscapes and sandy beaches nearby, Charleston is an experience to treasure. 


Quebec City, Quebec

The cobble stone streets with French signage, the Roman and Parisian-influenced architecture, and the very pace of life here are on an entirely different scale than other North American cities. 


San Juan Puerto Rico

When it comes to travel based on creative inspiration, San Juan Puerto Rico is certainly not a tough sell. 


Michigan’s West Coast

The long shoreline along Lake Michigan features some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, as well as a line of culturally progressive towns that dot its coast. 


Mexico City, Mexico

If you visit, do so safely, but don’t let the wives tales prevent you from enjoying one of this hemisphere’s most incredible living cities.


St Augustine Florida

The first modern state to be discovered by European explorers was Florida, namely its oldest inhabited city of St Augustine as discovered by Ponce De Leon. 


Yellowstone National Park, Montana

If nature drives you as a creative person, it is tough to find a better destination than Yellowstone National Park. 


Flagstaff Arizona

Flagstaff, however, is a mix of both– a progressive, small-town community that is surrounded by some of nature’s most monumental achievements.