By M. W. Byrne

17 Simple Ways To Save Money On Gas

Though it might seem as if you’re doomed to forever pay the same extortion prices, a smart saver can get a lot more gas on the cheap. All you need to do is learn these 17 tactics for saving money on gas.

Keep Your Car In Top Shape

It cannot be stressed enough how good car care leads to better gas mileage. Tune it up, changing out the spark plugs. Replace the air filter with a clean one. Change the oil for smoother engine operation and more efficient burning.


Leverage The Power of The Gas App

Apps such as GasBuddy can tell you where gas is cheapest in your area. Apps of this kind work at home as well as abroad, and will help you think more about where you buy your fuel.


Buy Discounted Gas Cards

Many websites sell gas cards, and you can even get bargains on gift cards through grocery store loyalty programs. 


Use The Internet

Finding those discounted gas cards can be tricky, since they’re hot items that go fast. Watching websites such as Gift Card Granny and Car Cash can help.


Get a Loyalty Card

Those that come with gas rewards can end up paying for large portions of your fueling during ordinary buying. Spend the same, save a little extra. But don’t get more than one that fits you. And pay it off monthly.


Remove Junk from Trunk

You ain’t trying to build a brick house with your automobile, because it’s expensive to drive around a brick house. Every 250 lbs. – approximately – you add into your car can reduce your mileage by one per gallon.


Buy a Commuter Scooter/Bike

Buying a bicycle, a motorcycle, e-bike, or any number of inexpensive modes of transportation can slash your gas expense. Shop smart, and even buying a new fuel-efficient car can save you money in the long run.