By M. W. Byrne

20 Best Small Motorcycles for City Commuting in 2021

The motorcycle is a the quintessential symbol of freedom. Nothing captures the essence of the open road quite like taking flight on a touring bike across the country, or as far around the world as you can get.

Today, we review the top 20 best small motorcycles available as of 2021–in no particular order. Whether you’re commuting or need nimble wheels for winding roads just beyond the horizon, you’ll find the right ride below.

Honda Trail125

The Trail125 is a go-anywhere workhorse that fares just as well crawling city streets as tearing it up on off-road adventures.


Honda Grom

Compact from front to tail and bottom to top, the Grom gives you a springy, sprightly moped motor that is only 125 cc capable of pushing about 9-10 horses.


Honda CB300R

Engineered entirely with smaller size in mind, Honda made the CB300R shorter from stem to stern, but also trimmer from side to side, allowing it to slip between reckless cab drivers, evade street trash, and dodge clueless pedestrians. 


Yamaha SR400 Final Edition

After 43 legendary years, Yamaha has stated that their 2021 “Final Edition” will indeed be the last we see of the SR400–and will only be available in Japan.


Yamaha TW200

The 270+ pound TW200 intends to tackle tougher pavement and harder highways than the average city cycle, which is a blessing when you’re coping with streets that need maintenance, or a commute that goes from rougher, rural spots into the urban sprawl.


Suzuki VanVan 200

Originally coughed up in the ’70’s, then reworked and sold overseas, the VanVan 200 has finally brought its worldly wiles back to the west.



It lets you hop into and out of dense traffic, using a 313 cc engine that feels good on the go, but not overpowered.