By M. W. Byrne

21 Brutal, Mysterious Serial Killers Who Escaped Justice

As you attempt to rock yourself to sleep tonight, we thought we’d give you a soothing list of 21 of these savage serial slaughterers.

Jack The Ripper

Only 5 victims to his name, the reason for his fame was the massive coverage he received in the newspapers, including a taunting letter published by one, allegedly sent by Jack to the police.


The Vending Machine Killer

In 1985 there were 12 random poisonings – know as the paraquat murders – wherein the killer poisoned drinks with paraquat, a powerfully toxic herbicide. The drinks were then placed atop or near vending machines.


New Bedford Highway Killer

He killed exclusively women who were either sex workers or addicts, picking victims who all knew one another. They were strangled and left in wooded areas near the highway. Some posit that he then moved, becoming the Route 8 Killer.


The Axeman of New Orleans

He stated he would strike again on March 19th 1919, but would exclusively kill those in a home that didn’t have jazz music playing. No murders occurred on that night, though jazz resounded through the city.


Servant Girl Annihilator

The Servant Girl Annihilator operated in Austin Texas where he would break into the homes of women, attack them with an axe, beat them, drag them from their homes, rape and mutilate them in the yard, and leave behind his axe and bloody boots. 


Original Night Stalker

This rapist and murderer who, from 1976 to 1986, committed more than 50 sexual assaults and 13 known murders in California.


Jack the Stripper

For a year in 1964 and 1965 six women, all sex workers, were found in the River Thames, stripped naked – leading to the name – and severely mutilated in a way reminiscent of Jack the Ripper.