by Seamus PayneOct 9, 2021

North America

10 Low Cost, High Culture Escapes


In the 1700s, Charleston, South Carolina was one of the new world’s largest cities and one of America’s most culturally progressive.

Charleston, South Carolina


Arguably North America’s most European city, Quebec City is an oasis of French tradition in an English and Spanish dominated continent.

Quebec City, Quebec


San Juan has virtually endless value to the traveler seeking cultural inspiration. It's the oldest city in the modern United States, dating back to its Spanish-settled roots in 1521. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico


The long shoreline along Lake Michigan features some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, as well as a line of culturally progressive towns that dot its coast. 

Michigan’s West Coast


The cultural aura of Mexico City retains the spirit of its early native ancestors while encompassing the Spanish order that plays itself out in architecture, infrastructure, and in language. 

Mexico City, Mexico


The first modern state to be discovered by European explorers was Florida, namely its oldest inhabited city of St Augustine as discovered by Ponce De Leon.

St Augustine, Florida


While cultural awakenings may be the focus of this feature, the natural world shares equal inspiration to the creative traveler.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana


A retreat focused on nature more so than the cultures of humanity – Flagstaff is a progressive, small-town community that is surrounded by some of nature’s most monumental achievements. 

Flagstaff, Arizona


Vancouver, BC is one of North America’s most geographically and culturally dynamic cities, a melting pot of over 2 million people.

Vancouver, British Columbia


If you visit the right part of town, you’ll find an absolutely stunning city with vibrant history and a very relaxed lifestyle. 

Tampa Bay, Florida