By Justin Justus

Most Golf Majors: Hats Off to the Top 10 Best Golfers of All Time

Here are incredible individual stories and achievements of 10 of the best golfers of all time. These legends have mastered the sport, made a career out of it and won great titles.

Tiger Woods

Tiger’s most significant accomplishments include holding the first spot in 81 PGA tournaments and 41 European PGA tournaments.


Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus, aka The Golden Bear, may just be the all-time greatest golfer in the world. He currently holds the record for having the most golf majors.


Byron Nelson

Byron Nelson has made noteworthy accomplishments. In 1945, he held the record for winning 11 consecutive starts. 


Tom Watson

In 2009 and at 59 years, this icon stood as the oldest golfer to ever hold the first position after rounds of a major championship during regular tournaments.


Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, aka “The King,” was one of the famous golf players celebrated for popularizing golf during the mid-20th century. He used an aggressive approach and unorthodox swing to rise as one of the best liked American golfers. 


Sam Snead

In Sam Snead’s wins are 7 major championship titles. This pro golfer also has 3 Master wins and, most notably, a record 94 gold medallions.


Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan has made his mark in golfing history by being the second golfer to win the pro-Grand Slam. He has won 9 majors, including 2 Master Tournaments, 2 U.S. Opens.