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27 Hobbies For Men To Reach Their Potential

Being a man is a tough job. You have to remember to contribute to the patriarchy, be tough but tender, strong and silent yet able to talk about your feelings, gentle and firm at the right times, and you have to remind everyone that men are more rational, which is why they start so many wars: pure logic. It is required that guys pretend they can win every fight they are going to get into but still turn into sad sacks the second a bout of the sniffles come on. It’s an endless string of ego-saving maneuvers, all for no real reason.

Well, guys, it’s time to stop with all that nonsense. The new numbers are in and they show that all the so-called work we’ve been doing as men has been wasted. We’ve gotten nowhere and are still dying far earlier than our female counterparts trying to keep it all together. It’s time to stop. Stop being tough or tender and just get yourself a nice hobby. Stop pretending to be rational, stop with the fussing and the fighting and just kill time. By getting a hobby you’re passionate about, you’re more likely to reduce stress, live longer, experience more fulfillment, and you don’t need to keep killing each other. It’s time to knock off the machismo and learn to do something constructive with your down hours. Here’s what we suggest.


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Warmth is never unwelcome in the world, and the bi-lateral movement of working the needles is helpful for aligning the electrical impulses in your brain. Plus, you can make a pretty scarf.


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Even moreso than knitting, having the aptitude to repair torn clothing, replace a button on a jacket, or hem a pair of pants are all going to be necessary in your lifetime. Plus, stitching wounds or repairing the canvas on your rucksack requires this skill.


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Add a little culture to your life and give yourself a skill that will make you instantly more attractive to everyone. It’ll also help with your athletic prowess elsewhere in your life, and add finesse and grace to your every move.

Martial Arts/Boxing

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There’s no need to get heavy into Krav Maga. Just having enough confidence to take care of yourself in a fight, and learning about self-discipline are important. Also an emotional outlet for anger.


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Eating better means better health which leads to greater happiness and longer life. You also don’t have to rely on microwaves for sustenance.


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Importantly distinct from Cooking, Baking is the creation of sweets, which is an allure for anyone with a tongue, and a smart way to control your carbohydrate intake.


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Going up a hill to go down a hill sounds like the biggest waste of time in the world to writers, but learning about direction, survival, and tuning in with nature are all vital. Even if you hate it, your life might someday rely on hiking skills, so at least know the basics.

Interior Decorating

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Even if you’re a young man, plastering the walls of your room or apartment with posters is tacky. The least you can do is frame them, and gain a little insight into making a room not only comfortable or attractive, but more functional so you don’t waste space.


via brilliantorigami.com

Relax the mind and never again need a conversation starter. Knowing origami means when things get dull, you fold a napkin into a flower and dazzle. It’s like up-close magic without looking like a jackass.

Basic Computer Repair

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Knowing computers is now more important than knowing about any other machine, because computers are now part of every other machine. Have some basic knowledge – as in, how to change out a hard drive, format a drive, install RAM, etc. It makes you indispensable in the modern world.

Engine Repair

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This is better than knowing computers from a life or death standpoint, since a busted engine can leave you stranded. Understand basic parts, know how to swap out a tire, jack up a vehicle, and as many odds and ends as possible. A mechanic of any skill is never without friends or favors to trade.

Yoga/Tai Chi/Qigong

via guidedtherapeuticexercise.com

Spirituality is hard to define and highly personal. These are merely the tools to help you find Nirvana, God, enlightenment, and open yourself to the energy of the earth mother. Plus, it’s good for sex.


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Shown to align and expand your mind better than anything short of playing an instrument, knowing other languages is about learning how other people think more than what they say. It’s psychology that also makes it easy to travel.

Basic Animal Care/First Aid

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Knowing how to splint a leg, stop bleeding, perform CPR, and unclog someone’s trachea with a Heimlich is helpful. It’s also good to know how to aid animals, as it can very easily make you the savior of some pet you love.


via drwillard.com

Sure, your pot stash counts. That’s a cash crop; and the ability to grow anything means having your own food, spices, and a sustainable lifestyle. If you’re in a city, learn urban or rooftop gardening or start a community garden. Instant property value improvement.

A/V Podcasting

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While sharing all your thoughts with the world might be a tiresome thing to do, knowing how to work in new media is good for every business. Video and audio editing, software, programming, website design, hosting, and many other technical skills get folded into this, adding to your employability many times over.


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A fascinating world, that of pictures. You can come at it from a scientific standpoint, an aesthetic outlook, or take it up just to meet attractive people who want to have their picture taken. It will suck you into a black hole of filters and lenses and ISO numbers and gadgets that goes deep as the Kola Borehole.


via lifeofanarchitect.com

Convey your ideas visually as well as with words to enhance your ability to communicate. Be able to sketch your attacker for the police. Design your own tattoo. Sketching also soothes the nerves and focuses the brain.


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The next time something breaks, before you toss it, try to fix it. That’s all it takes to begin the journey.


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Sounds dull, until you find out that all the weird tales we have are based on historic facts. Plus, when you look at the history, you also begin to see where we are going. It’s not good, but you’ll get to see it.


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Everyone loves a bartender who knows their stuff. Instant life of the party. Even if it’s just virgin cocktails, only cooking trumps this for pure sex appeal.

Scent Creation & Candlemaking

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The sense of smell sits very deep in our brains, even though we often overlook it. Being able to bring homemade smells can greatly influence how people react to you. Get into this hobby and see.

Holistic Medicine

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Vitamins and minerals have their place, more in nutrition than in truly curing the sick. Having a little herb knowledge can provide you with natural analgesics and supplements, as well as simple cures to simple problems that don’t necessitate modern medicine.


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Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed-man.


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Every piece of furniture you buy is grossly overpriced because you’re paying for the skill of the person (or machine) that put it together. Be able to construct  without help and you’re no longer at their mercy.


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Call it barbering if you want. Being quaffed and being able to help quaff others is a talent and a service.

Any Instrument

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Neurology has shown evidence to suggest learning music and playing and instrument can cause extensive mental expansion and stimulation of neurons. All that helps keep the brain healthy and the mind sharp.

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