By Nicholas Greene

Seven Futuristic Cities

The futuristic cities of science fiction hold a strong appeal in our collective imagination. The thought that we might one day revolutionize everything about how we live – including where we live – is an exciting one.

A collection of the most interesting, fascinating, and exciting futuristic city concepts I’ve come across on the web.

Multiplicity by John Wardle Architects

The Multiplicity concept envisions multiple cities built into one on varied levels, up and down.  There’s a canopy at the peak, vertical buildings in between, and a city on the streets below. 


Masdar City

Billing itself as the world’s first truly zero-carbon, zero-waste city, Masdar will play host to a massive public rapid transit system in place of personal vehicles, and will be fueled entirely by solar, wind, and geothermal energy.


Shan-Shui City Will Flow Like Water

Envisioned by MAD Architects, the beautiful Shan-Shui City’s design is inspired by the ancient worship of mountains and water in China. 


The Vertical Cities Of Italy Might Never Be Built

Deep within the Calabrian countryside in Italy stretches a ruined, abandoned highway – the result of a multi-million dollar development project which was never finished.


NeoTax Takes City Design Into The Third Dimension

Submitted as an entry to the eVolo 2011 Skyscraper competition, NeoTax takes the traditional skyscraper and expands it outwards. 


HavvAda Is A City That’s Also An Island

Dreamed up by the eminent designer Dror Benshetrit, HavvAda is a man-made island situated off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey.