By M. W. Byrne

The 14 Longest-Lasting, Most Durable Cars On The Road

Digging deep into the world of car production shows that only a few models driving really have the moxy to get into the 200,000+ miles category without exhaustive overhauls.

Here’s 14 cars able to do a quarter million miles or more right from the factory.

Toyota Camry, Corolla, and Prius

The hybrids, gas, and electric models all have the incredible longevity to hit 200K on the odometer without needing more than regular oil changes.


Toyota 4Runner, Highlander, and Sienna

As is the case with the basic cars that Toyota makes, their larger vehicles have begun to bear the same hallmark of unbeatable quality that goes into the compact line.


Scion xB

As incredibly trustworthy as it is homely, you’ll need to settle for used, but if you find one snag it. They’re cheap and have more lives than Michael Myers.



The interior looks and feels pulled from a much more impressive car, the handling is fun, the mileage is responsible, and the engine never says “uncle.”


Subaru Forester

It’s good for errands and ordinary family duties, it’s good for excursions, it’s roomy and comfortable, and looks…innocuous.


Honda Accord / Civic

While not making quite as much noise, partly due to lack of forward innovation, Honda still makes these two affordable choices in a wide range of styles, builds, engines, and options. 


Volkswagen Passat

Passat can go the distance, make the time, and provide more comfort than most cars and full-sized trucks. Enjoy the legroom!


Honda CR-V

Honda’s been trying to Frankenstein itself a decent SUV, and has been shooting a lot into the crossover market, with limited outstanding results.