By Catherine Nyorani

The 9 Most Beautiful Places in Spain to Explore in 2021

Today, we’re taking a virtual tour to some of the most beautiful places in Spain to visit. Whether you’re looking for history, natural beauty, or modern culture, Spain has it in spades.

Barcelona: The Catalonia Region Capital

A fun-filled city that boasts a vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisines, dreamlike edifices, excellent shopping malls, and a world-class beach–that’s everyday life for those who call Barcelona home.


Granada: The Home of Alhambra Palace

Alhambra palace brings together several towers and buildings, a mosque, and well-kept gardens. The Moorish signature is evident in the curved arches and delicately-executed stone carvings. 


Seville: Picturesque, Romantic

The chief city in the Andalusia region, Sevilla is an excellent getaway with fiery flamenco dancing, superb bars, an historic former Jewish Quarter, and awe-inspiring green spaces.


Pueblos Blancos: The White-washed Hills of Andalucia

Pueblos Blancos used to be home to a vigorous farming culture but the migration to cities for employment opportunities left the houses uninhabited. As a result, they fell into a state of near-disrepair.


Madrid: The Fun-filled Capital City

Spain’s capital Madrid is alive with street celebrations and music, boozing, art galleries, and food that will refresh your palate.


Ronda: The Iconic Bridge

This is an ancient town with a history dating back to over 2,000 years ago. Atop a hillside with steep cliffs running 300ft down a river gorge, Ronda is a lively city with a population of around 35,000.