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    Most Beautiful Places in Australia: 11 Ideas for Your Australia Vacation
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Most Beautiful Places in Australia: 11 Ideas for Your Australia Vacation

Today, we’re taking a virtual tour of the most amazingly beautiful places in Australia to visit. So whether you’re planning to go to Australia for vacation or are simply looking to fuel your wanderlust, we’ve got you covered below.

11 Most Beautiful Places in Australia to Visit Before You Die

Australia is a tapestry of beauty woven with diverse threads. From natural topography, vibrant wildlife to man-made architecture, you name it.

Australia’s sun-soaked coastlines boast some of the world’s whitest sandy beaches. The incredible pink lakes are breathtaking, and the blue-tinged leaves of the Blue Mountains are just amazing to behold. So, whether it’s climbing a glacier-carved mountain, hiking the unbeaten paths, exploring ancient arts, or deep-sea diving, you’ll find it in this treasure trove.

In addition, rare creatures found nowhere else on the planet roam the continent’s vast expanse.

Here’s a preview of our 11 amazing Australian travel destinations:

11 Beautiful Places in Australia to Add to Your Bucket List

When visiting Australia, it can be a daunting task to choose where to go first. Lucky for you, we’ve done most of the groundwork, so you only need to pick a spot from this list of amazing places and enjoy your trip. 

Here are the 11 most beautiful places in Australia:

1. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - Beautiful Australia

One of the most beautiful places in Australia lies underwater. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is an iconic place to explore in Australia. It’s the largest coral reef in the world, spanning over 1,400 miles. You can actually see this massive living structure from space.

This World Heritage Site features 3,000 distinct coral systems, over 700 peripheral reefs, coral cays in their hundreds, and a litany of over 500 tropical islands sprawled throughout the mind-boggling 344,000 km square expanse.

Located to the northeast of Australia off the coast of Queensland, the area is a marine hub thriving with biodiversity. Amidst the profusion of seaweeds and dazzling turquoise waters is an assembly of over 100 species of sharks, dolphins, age-old sea turtles, reef fish, mollusks, a plethora of hard and soft corals, and much more.

So what activities can one enjoy at this beautiful location? First, you can go swimming, secondly, scuba diving, and thirdly enjoy snorkeling in the pristine ocean waters for a closer glimpse of the colorful reef and sea life.

2. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour - Best Cities in Australia

Perched on Sydney Harbor are two architectural landmarks that characterize the city’s skyline; the iconic Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The impressively designed Opera House, one of the most beautiful places in Australia, features a most remarkable rooftop made to resemble a series of giant white sails. On the Harbour Bridge, you can take a stroll on the elevated archway as you enjoy the city’s panoramic views and the coastline.

Similarly, visit Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair to enjoy sweeping views while watching ships dock in and out of the harbor. The Chair is located in the lush Royal Botanic Gardens, a heritage-listed site spanning over 70 acres of well-manicured land. A must-visit.

After that, you can explore the multiple intimate coves, waterfronts, and islands by ferry or enjoy a luxurious harbor cruise.

And finally, there’s the Anzac Bridge, a spectacular eight-lane cable bridge that links Gebe Island and Pyrmont over Johnston’s Bay. You can walk across the 1,132 ft long bridge for city sightseeing and stunning sunsets. The bridge stands in memory of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in World War I.

3. Uluru

Uluru - Famous Landmarks in Australia

Rising 348 meters over Uluru-Kata National Park in the Northern territory is a humongous sandstone formation, Uluru. This great ocher-hued monolith juts steeply from the surrounding arid plains and is possibly one of the most famous Australian continent features.

This UNESCO World-Heritage Site lies over 200 miles from Alice Springs, the nearest town. Smacked close to the heart of Australia, it’s considered a sacred stronghold to the Anangu people, the local Aboriginal community. At the same time, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Australia. 

The surrounding area is dotted with numerous attractions such as waterholes, natural springs, caves, rock formations, and ancient paintings. The Kata Tjuta is another massive mountainous rock formation that lies 16 miles west of Uluru. Uluru and Kata Tjuta are collectively known as the Olgas. They’re the most prominent attractions of the Uluru-Tjuta National Park.

Above all, don’t fail to enjoy fantastic sunsets here. The setting sun illuminates the rocky domes, making them glow in their rich ocher hues.

4. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier - Australia Tourist Attractions

Forget the usual sites touted as being magical and out of this world. Lake Hillier is one of the most unique places in Australia, if not on this earth, with a distinctive glowing pink color. Consequently, it’s one of Australia’s most beautiful destinations. According to researchers, the lake’s mysterious color is caused by a combination of aquatic microbes, algae, and halobacteria. The lake is also exceedingly salty.

This one-of-its-kind lake lays sprawled on Middle Island, Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. It’s about 70 miles from the nearest small town of Esperance and about 450 miles from Perth.

To get the best views, go for a scenic flight over the island by helicopter or plane or a boat tour of the lake that you can book from the nearby small town of Esperance.

Interestingly, most people aren’t aware that Australia has several pink lakes apart from Lake Hillier. Lake Spencer, or Pink Lake, located near Esperance town, is such an example. The lake is about 70 miles away from Lake Hillier. However, its pinkish color has been fading in the last several years due to salt mining on the lake.

5. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach - Places to Visit in Australia

The nation’s most stunning beaches are found in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, where the Swan River empties its water into the southwest coast. Cottesloe Beach is one sandy pearl and a sunshine paradise.

The irresistible combination of sand, sea, and sun makes the perfect playground for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and sailing. This world-class coastline lies less than 30 minutes from the city center; hence it’s easily accessible.

Cottesloe Beach is a preferred beach among the more than a dozen other alluring beaches. You can spend a day out here with your family, friends, or colleagues on a business trip. This coastline destination is complete with pine shades, clear waters, fine restaurants and bars, and carefully terraced lawns.

What’s more, there’s always a glorious sunset by the seaside, which you can marvel at as you sample a cocktail of drinks.

But besides the charming beaches, go ahead and check out other attractions in the city of Perth, for example, The King’s Park and Botanic Garden, The Perth Cultural Centre, the Swan river, Hillarys Boat Harbour, the zoo, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, and the aviation museum.

6. Phillip Island

Phillip Island Victoria - Beautiful Places in Australia

Phillip Island is home to gloriously white sandy beaches, motorsports, and coastal wildlife, all bundled up in a reclusive destination by the seaside. The island, definitely one of the most beautiful places in Australia, is 90 minutes from Melbourne, and you can get there by ferry and bus.

The island stretches out along the southern coastline near Melbourne. A string of pristine white sandy beaches punctuates its over 100km coastline, with Bass Straits being the best. You can surf, or swim on these crystal clear waters.

In addition, spectacular wildlife top off the island’s natural appeal. The famous penguin parade, for instance, happens here. Take time to watch the largest colony of Little Penguins make the trek home from sea to their burrows at nightfall all year round. You can also spot Koalas, numerous bird species, and other animals in their natural habitat on the island.

Finally, if you’re a motorsport-lover, you have an added reason to be here. The Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit plays host to motorcycling races and international motor racing competitions.

7. Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain - Visit Australia

Cradle Mountain is a hiker’s haven in the Tasmanian wilderness located in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. With multiple walking trails, you’ll be spoilt for choice on how to traverse the virgin wilderness. But what’s certain is that you’ll enjoy the lush, pristine vegetation populated with unique Aussie wildlife. 

Some of the wildlife you’re likely to encounter are the wallabies, echidna, wombats, pademelons, and if you get to see the hard-to-sight platypus, thank your lucky stars.

The mountain that bears the resemblance of a baby cradle is a sight to behold. It’s picture-perfect, an Instagram aficionado’s treasure trove. So don’t forget to bring your camera. With a backdrop consisting of towering glacier-carved misty heights, scenic landscapes, and the vast expanse of the Tasmanian wilderness. It helps that the sunsets and sunrises are pretty spectacular as well.

Your trip to the peak is richly rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the turquoise-hued Dove Lake and a sweeping panorama that must be seen to be believed.

8. Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land - Places in Australia

The northeast extreme of the Northern Territory is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Nature seems to thrive uninterrupted in what seems like an endless stretch of land. Kakadu National Park, Australia’s largest national park, is in this space. And it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 106 miles southeast of Darwin, the Northern Territory’s capital city.

Untouched wilderness with expansive coastlines, calmly flowing rivers, rugged sandstone canyons, escarpments, natural caves, and coves lay in abundance, sprinkled between Carpentaria and Kakadu National Park.

Kakadu National Park is a sanctuary to diverse flora and fauna. Animals range from large mammals to reptiles, aquatic animals, birds, and insects. The crocodile population in the park stands at a staggering 10,000. Bird watchers can sight up to 280 different bird species in the forest. And the plant life is also quite diverse, with about 2,000 varieties recorded here.

Rock paintings found in this location have become custodians of the ancient history and culture of the Aboriginal people dating back to over 20,000 years ago. There are over 5,000 known art sites in the area.

To sum up your visit to Arnhem Land, take a Yellowater Cruiser to explore the Yellow Water Billabong and Oxbow Lake, where you can see crocodiles, buffalos, and sea eagles in their natural surroundings. There are swimming holes, plunge pools, and cascading waterfalls, all nestled in this vast wilderness.

9. Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island - Australia Vacation

National Geographic shortlisted Lord Howe Island as one of the world’s best destinations for 2021. National Geographic terms it the ‘last paradise’ in the Tasman Sea. So no wonder it made it to this list of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Lord Howe Island is a tiny island located over 370 miles east of mainland Australia. It has exotic wildlife, abundant birdlife, unique pristine beaches, and a population of 300 residents.

The island is encircled by Lord Howe Island Marine Park that provides a habitat for over 500 fish varieties, many of them exclusively found here. The coral reef on this marine park is peculiar as it lies southern-most on the world map. The more than 90 coral reefs and surrounding waters are a safe sanctuary for many marine species.

Have a glimpse into this unique underworld by a glass-bottom boat. Alternatively, you can take a snorkeling tour and swim amidst beautifully colored fish, turtles, and elegantly textured corals. 

Apart from fishing, diving, and watersports, Lord Howe Island is also a perfect hiking spot. You can climb Mount Gower or Malabar Hill. If that’s too challenging, take on the more gentle Valley of the Shadows.

10. Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach - Famous Australian Beaches

Are you looking for a beach with the whitest sand in the world? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hyam Beach is.

Kick back on this famous beach on Jervis Bay just 3 hours from Sydney. Enjoy a walk along the beach, or swim in the crystalline waters of the Jervis Bay Marine Park. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, and dolphin watching are other notable activities in the area. 

Hyams Beach waters have abundant marine life you can’t get enough of, with dolphins, penguins, and seals particularly finding this a safe oasis.

Jervis Bay National Park has a forested area perfect for birdwatching and hiking on nature trails for those who love to wander in the woods.

11. The Kimberley

The Kimberley - Most Interesting Places in Australia

On the north-western corner of Australia lies a vast expanse of wilderness blessed with extremely dramatic scenery. The Kimberley is sparsely populated, and the natural topography is as diverse as it is magnificent.

From semi-arid savanna spaces to the rolling topography of rugged canyons, the region is a feast for the eyes and a photographer’s Mecca. Take the ultimate road trip to scenery akin to alien landscapes found in most science fiction movies. This region has massive gorges, teeming wildlife, towering cliffs, clear-water swimming holes, and picturesque beaches.

You can explore Kimberley by sea, land, or air. For instance, you can take one of the cruise expeditions along Kimberley’s coastline and enjoy the voyage. The cruise ships will take you through virgin coastlines sprinkled with over 2,000 islands, white sandy beaches, saltwater crocodiles, whales, seals, and dolphins.

Exploring this beautiful place by air would also be awesome, with cruise companies offering various expeditions. You could also take to the road in a 4WD and explore the rough terrain on the 660km iconic Gibb River Road.  This gives you an on-the-ground experience of one of the most fascinating places in Australia, with its beautiful gorges, rivers, towering waterfalls, and national parks.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Australia

Before you jet off to explore the different places in Australia, please take a second to read our tips for getting the most out of your journey. After all, there’s nothing worse than taking the trip of a lifetime and getting there underprepared. 

Check for the relevant VISA and vaccination guidelines – Now, more than ever, vaccinations are a prevalent part of international travel. However, putting COVID-19 to one side for a second before taking a trip to Australia, you are well-advised to check VISA and general vaccination requirements. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’re holiday could be over before it starts. 

Check the seasons – Australia is in the Northern Hemisphere. This means the seasons are reversed from what we are used to. So if you are getting on a place in the middle of winter, remember that you will be landing in peak summer. Even though summer weather differs across all the places in Australia, sunscreen is a must. Not only because of the high temperatures but also because of the sun’s intensity. 

Don’t be afraid of the wildlife – Yes, Australia is home to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. However, the chance that you will encounter anything dangerous – outside of the zoo – is remote. So yes, feel free to do your research, but don’t allow yourself to become so afraid of what could be out there that you forget to enjoy your experience. 

Appreciate the size of the country – When you are planning out your list of places in Australia you would like to visit, you must remember the country’s sheer size. Australia is not a small landmass, and even moving from one city to another is no small feat. You could be looking at days of travel in a car or multiple hours in a plane. 

Best Places to Visit in Australia: Final Words

Whether you’re planning to visit Australia for the first time or have been here before, this country is an adventurer’s goldmine. There is no end to the excitement that lies in wait. No matter where you are staying, there is no shortage of great places in Australia. It doesn’t matter if you’re a thrill-seeker, a culture fantastic, or a businessman looking to find a way to entertain himself for the weekend; Australia has something for everybody. 

So go ahead and pick a spot from one of these most beautiful places in Australia and let us know about your experience. Have you already been to some of these places? Feel free to let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear about your Australian experiences. Perhaps there are even a few places we have yet to learn about that could be added to the list.