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    Forget SUP Boarding, This Electric Surfboard Could Change Everything
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Forget SUP Boarding, This Electric Surfboard Could Change Everything

Surfers and stand up paddelboarders may want to pay close attention to Onean, a Spanish company with a pretty exciting new product. The Onean Electric Surfboard adds a battery and a water jet to a conventional surfboard for a powered riding experience. The waves, the wind and a paddle are no longer needed to traverse the water. The Onean Carver makes flat waters the territory of tomorrow’s boarders.

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The Onean Carver electric surfboard is a collaboration between Onean and the product design and engineering group Bizintek. From a distance, the Carver looks like your typical board. It’s built out of a lightweight composite material designed to support a rider on top of the water. This device is different thanks to three additional parts. There’s a battery, a water jet and a handheld thrust controller. In concert, these systems propel the Onean Carver through the water without the need for a paddle (or wind or surf).

The Carver electric surfboard isn’t the first electric water mobility device we’ve seen here on TheCoolist. There’s also the Radinn electric wakeboard, a device that uses similar technology to propel a single rider through the water. The Radinn, however, is a little further along. It’ll be arriving in October, and its performance specs have been well documented. Namely, speeds up to 29mph, ride times between 20 and 40 minutes on a single charge.

Performance and availability are two things we’d like to hear more about from Onean. A projected delivery date, speed information and battery performance are vital details for early adopters like us (and that includes you, dear reader). Expect that information soon. In the mean time, it’s exciting to see electric mobility come to the water, and we’re looking forward to carving up the mangrove intercoastals down here in Florida. Surf’s up, Onean.

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