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    2014 Ikea Catalog
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2014 Ikea Catalog


The 2014 Ikea Catalog is on its way to your mailbox, ready to deliver 326 pages of furniture, lighting, appliances and design utilities.  We got our hands on an early copy from Ikea and thought we’d share our first take — and some photos — on what’s in store at the design giant from Sweden.  From living rooms to walk-in closets, bedrooms to kitchens, the 2014 Ikea catalog has placed an emphasis on warm, darker tones for natural, comfortable living.


The 326 pages of the new 2014 Ikea catalog represent a virtual stroll through the aisles of the Ikea superstore.  Everything from fully-planned rooms to grouped products and individual items are showcased like Ikea catalogs of the past.  In recent years, Ikea has emphasized a group of products (like storage in the 2011 version), but the 2014 Ikea catalog takes a general approach.


A stand-out design element is the use of dark colors and earth tones to create a warm, welcoming environment.  The living room above features accent walls and gray tones with natural wood elements to provide a homey feel.  It’s instantly desirable, and a point of inspiration for our own living rooms at home.


The 2014 Ikea catalog features new products, placed prominently in room designs and individual features.  The Stockholm Chandelier above, for example, is a stand-out favorite.  It’s placed in what might be the most attractive walk-in closet we’ve seen, but we’ll take a look at that below.


Beyond the typical room designs and product groupings, the 2014 Ikea catalog does share some rich, usable content.  The above section features seven tips on updating your bathroom, featuring some pretty attractive products that again emphasize natural woods and a focus on greenery.


This walk-in closet is sure to cause a bit of drooling for some.  It features a wall of shoes, a set of colorful seats and the aforementioned Stockholm chandelier.  It’s a place for the ladies to show off their shoes with friends while sharing a bottle (or two) of fine wine.  Throughout all the pages of the 2014 Ikea catalog, this is one we imagine will get clipped out the most.


The same earth tones and wooden accents are shown off in this pretty dreamy kitchen.  It’s a very welcome step forward for Ikea, who in the past has placed an emphasis on colors that haven’t aged too well.  That’s part of the point, though– after five years, it’s about time to update your bedroom or living room for something that feels fresh and new.


Check your mailbox for the 2014 Ikea Catalog, which should be arriving any day now.  If you don’t receive one, either stop by your local Ikea store or sign up for your catalog using Ikea’s catalog request form online.  Here’s to a nice new look to your living space, and plenty of inspiration in your mailbox very soon.

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