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2014 Lucra L148

Lightning fast, feather light and as rare as they come, the new 2014 Lucra L148 might be the next great boutique supercar.  Powered by a 4.7L V8 engine, the Lucra L148 has 500 finely tuned horses at its command to push its lightweight figure to the limit.  From a standing start, it’ll break 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, one of the fastest times available for a street-legal vehicle.

How does the Lucra L148’s V8 compete with some of the top sports cars in production today?  By skimping on the fluff that isn’t necessary for a pure driving experience, and by shedding curb weight down to a minimum.  It features a carbon fiber body that is assembled in one piece.  This body rests on top of a tubular steel chassis that provides a rigid base for its powerful heartbeat and lightweight skin.  In total, the Lucra L148 is an exercise in efficient, balanced power management.

The new 2014 Lucra L148 will begin shipping in mid-2014 for around $250,000.  That might seem steep, but it’s only a fraction of what a Bugatti or similar supercar might fetch in the showroom.  You can also take pride that you’ll be driving a rare kind of supercar built by hand in Los Angeles, California.

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