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Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV

Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV 1

It’s a brave new world out there.  Although it already seems like drones and UAVs are the wave of the future for spies and militaries, the technology also has peaceful applications at home.  The new Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV can take your action camera to heights of 300 feet on 5-minute autopilot fly-overs.  The Lehmann LA100 will dock your GoPro HD camera on its belly and fly to dizzy heights with an internal power unit and rear-facing propeller.  It can handle harsh temperatures in both directions and will fly soundly in rough winds.  After its flight path is complete, it will land near its take-off point with camera payload in tow.  Such modern technology isn’t for the low-budget hobbyist, of course, since the LA100 will fetch around $1300 USD.  If you’re a professional photographer or videographer or a UAV/drone hobbyist, it’s hard not to lust after this thing and consider its price.  We’re already salivating…  [via uncrate]

Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV 2

Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV 3

Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV 5

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