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Aesir Copenhagen Luxury Phone by Yves Behar

The luxury phone brand Aesir Copenhagen has revealed a stunning new handset designed by Yves Behar.  In the age of do-it-all smart phone, the +YvesBehar by Aesir Copenhagen might seem a bit one-dimensional at first glance.  From beginning to end, it is a phone– no camera or GPS, no Gmail or Angry Birds, just a device that provides stunning clarity and tactility in a luxury class design.

Yves Behar has his own philosophy on mobile communication, one that is focused on longevity and uniquity in a world of disposable plastic.  As the iPhone is replaced annually by a more advanced product, as two-year mobile contracts mandate mobile replacement, the +YvesBehar by Aesir Copenhagen is a lasting, luxurious item of timeless-yet-basic utility.  Think of the world of luxury watches, where skilled craftsmen forge small-scale feats of engineering that are worn on the wrist for decades.  Behar’s phone is to have the same value, a point of permanence in the pockets of those who desire only simplicity and style.

The Yves Behar Aesir Copenhagen phone is available in either 18 carat yellow gold or a fine stainless steel with a ceramic top.  A timeless phone will require a timeless sum, however, as the 18 carat gold version will retail at nearly $59,000 USD.  While we respect Behar’s inspiration here, we might just stick to the do-it-all disposable route at least until we’ve made our first million.  [via acquire]

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