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    Altec Lansing inMotion MIX BoomBox
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Altec Lansing inMotion MIX BoomBox


Whatever happened to the boombox?  And with this glorious restoration of all things 80s, why has the boombox not become vogue once again?  Altec Lansing has been hearing our cries apparently, because just recently they have released the Altec Lansing inMotion MIX BoomBox.  Bladow.  This bad ass boomer packs the punch of the ghetto blasters of yesteryear with the connectivity of today.  Got an iPod? iPhone? Zune?  Altec Lansing’s got your back– and your music.  Just slide your device into this dock, you’re ready for some get-down breakdancing in your own hood.  It’ll cost ya $300 flat, but the price is cheap for such stylish, portable PMP pimpitude.  Rock that shit, player.


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Altec Lansing inMotion BoomBox Press Release

MILFORD, PA – August 27, 2009 – Altec Lansing, a division of Plantronics, Inc., today introduced the new MIX™ (iMT800) digital boombox for iPhone and iPod. The MIX features a retro audio rack-style design and a powerful built-in subwoofer to thump big bass from the heart of your scene. Compatible with both iPhone and iPod, the MIX also includes two top-mounted auxiliary inputs plus onboard FM radio and a seven-band graphic equalizer.  Its towering volume, perfect clarity and heavyweight bass make the new MIX the ultimate sound system for any party.

“The MIX is the genuine ‘next generation’ boombox for the way music enthusiasts are playing their music today,” said Ed Benforado, Product Category Director. “With rugged style and high end sound, the MIX is perfect for those ‘unofficial DJ’s’ who like to start their parties with sound. They can ‘mix it up’ between three music player inputs – a 30-pin dock connector for the iPhone and iPod and also two front-facing 3.5mm jacks — so everyone can jump in with their jams. And we’ve included heavy-duty carry handles and battery operation to take the MIX on the road or around the house just as easily.”

Geared to keep the party jumping, the MIX drives your favorite music through specially engineered horn-loaded tweeters and mid-range drivers. The 5.25” side-firing subwoofer and 5.25” tuned passive radiator pump out natural roaring bass, further enhanced with XdB technology for extra heavy punch. A digital 7-band graphic equalizer allows music lovers to quickly tailor the sound to their preferred taste. True to its retro boombox roots, the MIX runs on AC or gives 30 hours of play time on 8 D-cell batteries, even sporting a built-in battery life display.

Made for iPod and Apple-certified to “Work with iPhone,” the MIX is engineered to be immune to GSM signals, therefore preventing the speakers from picking up potential intermittent noises emitted by the iPhone or other mobile devices. The music pauses and resumes play before and after taking a voice call without ever switching the iPhone to airplane mode.

The MIX also includes a clip-on carabineer remote control so you don’t lose it at the party. Between parties, a built-in cubby secures the remote so it can always be found.

Go to for the full MIX “inspiration” story.


* Crystal-clear high end – Specially engineered horn-loaded silk dome tweeters designed for smooth, wide dispersion.
* Full mid-range – Two custom-designed drivers push room-filling mids and mid bass.
* Fierce bass – XdB bass-enhanced side-firing subwoofer and tuned passive radiator deliver formidable bass.
* Audio Alignment™ – Drivers, enclosure and electronics are balanced for optimum sound.
* Digital FM radio – Tune in to clean reception with telescopic antenna and four station presets.
* AC or battery-powered – Plug in or lose the wires with up to 30 hours of play with 8 D batteries.  Battery life is displayed on LCD.
* Dual AUX IN jacks – Connect up to two additional audio players via front-facing 3.5mm jacks.
* Clip-on remote – Enhanced wireless carabineer remote provides song and playlist navigation.
* Music Pause – Automatically pauses music when a call is received on the iPhone.
* Interference Free – Unique design is immune to mobile phone interference, eliminating the need to switch to airplane mode.
* At-A-Glance LCD – Track, artist, album and station display.
* Customizable EQ’s – Multiple EQ modes let you adjust your sound, including 7-band graphic equalizer, four EQ presets and separate Bass and Treble controls.
* Onboard controls – Control most functions from the unit.
* Universal dock for iPhone and iPod – Recharges while it plays your tunes.

Pricing and Availability
The Altec Lansing MIX (iMT800) is now available at Apple retail stores,, Amazon and other leading consumer electronics retailers, as well as at MSRP is US$299.95 .
For more information on the complete new Fall 2009 audio collection from Altec Lansing, visit

About Altec Lansing
For more than 70 years Altec Lansing has been viewed among audiophiles as the world’s most valuable and innovative audio brand and boasts a unique history of innovation that includes the introduction of first talkie film speakers, the first iPod docking station and the first “Works with iPhone” speaker system. Altec Lansing makes a wide range of audio systems for the home and office; a line of headphones for personal listening; and the popular line of inMotion speaker systems for portable digital players. Altec Lansing, a division of Plantronics, Inc. (NYSE: PLT), is headquartered in Milford, PA.

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