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Classic Meets Contemporary: The Armadale House 2 by Mitsouri Architects

This neighborhood outside of Perth, Australia is amidst and architectural transition. There are old Victorian homes seeing a rebirth in restorations, and there are new contemporary homes that present architectural progress. The Armadale House 2 by Mitsouri Architects is a bit of both. From the street, this traditional Victorian home fits in with the historic nature of the environment. However, the private sections in the rear are bright, modern and progressive, a stunning example of contemporary Australian design. It’s the best of both worlds, a blending between history and futurism in a neighborhood that honors both.

The challenge in this neighborhood isn’t just the balance of architectural sensibilities. The plots are also tight and short, so every square meter of living space needs to be carefully considered. Mitsouri Architects responded by building the home around the garden in the rear that made the inside and outside a transitionless space. With floor-to-ceiling windows and walls that slide open, the rear patio becomes an extension of the living rooms. This indoor-outdoor solution makes a compact space feel much larger.

While the original Victorian home was a single-story ranch, Mitsouri Architects also added a second level to Armadale House 2. The second story features private rooms for the home’s occupants, opening more space on the ground for the living areas. This allowed the architect to keep the garden space below untouched, offering the indoor-outdoor living that would satisfy the client.

Armadale House 2 is a prime example of restorative architecture and a stunning solution to the limits of urban space. Its the kind of home that both architect and client should feel very proud of. [photography by michael kai]

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