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Thin Your Thatch With The 12 Best Beard Trimmers

Though it goes against the entirety of nature, sometimes a man or hirsute woman needs to trim their beard. This is a complicated procedure that requires hours of praying beforehand, and hours of weeping afterward as you realize you’ve cut the one thing that makes you worthy of continued life. Should you end up trimming your Most Prized Possession badly, then it’s mandated by the Court of Whiskers that you end your filthy existence on this Earth. To avoid that punishment, or the abuse of the Holy Beard Council, you need one of the 12 best beard trimmers. Or you need a sword to fall upon.

What Makes a Good Beard Trimmer

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The ability to cut cleanly and evenly, without pulling hair is the foremost test of a beard trimmer. Easy maintenance and cleaning, lots of attachments, durability, and a comfortable build that fits easily in your hand are also taken into account as we find which shavers are fit for your thatch and which should be left to doing topiary work.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler Power Razor

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Rookie beard growers aren’t always confident they want to keep their newfound manhood, and we wholly understand. Not everyone has the chutzpah needed to carry the hair of champions. Anyone who isn’t ready to commit, but still wants to try their hand at greatness, should get this to help them keep their Maybe Beard clean and trimmed. Purchase: $25

Panasonic ER224S

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A beard and body hair trimmer that lets you get fast and dirty grooming and manscaping done, both going in dry and working wet, the ER224S isn’t especially good at anything other than rapid action and low cost. Ideally, this is for the single guy on his own with a small apartment and tight finances who still needs to meet the basics. Taking up minimal space and needing little TLC, here’s how to get done fast and nasty. Purchase: $27


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As minimal as minimal gets, most will opt to keep the TRYM II on hand as a fast travel groomer, since it’s inherently small and simple, with a solid power output that’s not excessive for quick passes. We find it’s also preferable for guys who do a little nip and tuck each day to stay looking sleek. It’s better at that than big jobs. Purchase: $30

Andis Slimline Pro

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Powerful and long-lasting, with a gaunt body that slips easily into a suitcase or carry-on bag, the Slimline is good at home, but tends to be a better travel companion than extended houseguest. It uses replaceable guards, so you can travel with as many or as few accessories as needed. The pretty boy looks are a bonus. Purchase: $35

Philips Norelco OneBlade

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Capable of cutting for a full 45 minutes, the OneBlade is the trimmer to rule them all. The blades last for months, even when being used to cut a couple times a week, and the body can go as light or as deep as you require. Built with the goal of being the single grooming tool that any guy needs, the OneBlade comes awfully close, as it manages to provide supreme cutting efficiency with accuracy. Get the right gear for it, and you’ll be able to trim right down to your nose hairs with this beautiful bastard. Purchase: $35

Panasonic ER-GB370K

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Sliding between a scant 1mm cutting length up to 10mm, with every possible reach in-between, it’s hard to find a beard this can’t cut down to size. Geared more for handling lower growth than to mold larger bushes, the further you need to get away from your face to operate this tool, the less precise it becomes. For anyone with thick hair, better to choose something with removable attachments. Purchase: $40

Wahl Peanut

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Coarsely bearded guys who require something that plugs in to get the beard buzzing power needed to cut through their thicket will find the Peanut’s diminutive size to be a help in finding the right angle to do your trimming. It’s nearly as heavy-duty as professional models, but doesn’t have the same robust size, which is better for individuals who are likely to be doing their own trimming, rather than asking their stylist to do it for them. Purchase: $43

Remington MB4045B

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Self-oiling and self-sharpening blades facilitate an easy, low-maintenance existence under Remington’s flag. Powering those blades is a tough little motor that can be dangerous if you’re not careful, so anyone grooming without the guards should make a note to be extra careful. Fully juiced, you can get nearly two hours of serious cutting out of this, just be careful as it’s a little clunky and top-heavy. Purchase: $44

Philips Norelco 7200

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Philly Norelco, as a brand has been attempting to capture the trimmer market, creating a whole set of models that will do a fine job of thinning and shortening your underbrush. The 3000 and 9100 are similar favorites to this choice, the 7200, and each have their own personalities, so looking at them all is highly advised. Contoured and pre-set for rapid cutting, you won’t even need to oil it for a few months as it comes ready to dig in and work. Purchase: $50

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer

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The blades are each composed of a hardened carbon-steel intended to cut only in the slimmest of profiles. They are mounted to a small magnetic motor that is equally delicate, which makes the T-Outliner the premium choice for managing extremely light beards, fine hair, or patterns that need a close eye to keep them looking great. Though meant to work small and dainty, the body is made to withstand years of hard labor in terrible conditions. Purchase: $60

Braun BT5090

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Using a set of Clock & Lock combs to provide the variable lengths, there’s more cutting choices to be found with the BT5090 than anywhere else. You can trim down to a stubbly 5 o’clock shadow, or expand it to the maximum to provide shape and structure to a bushy bushel on your chin. Quick charging is possible, and the trimmer looks good in any bathroom. Purchase: $85

Wahl Stainless Steel #9818

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Professional barbers who are looking for a handheld, wireless trimmer repeatedly recommend the #9818 as being the only cordless choice they trust. The combination of solid weight, precise control while in hand, consistent cutting power, and a stainless steel frame that’s nearly impossible to destroy easily wins friends. It has a load of attachments, but the starting blade is quick and powerful enough to go through the toughest scruff. Purchase: $95