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    Pay it Forward; 6 Awesome Charities That Need Your Help
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Pay it Forward; 6 Awesome Charities That Need Your Help

Charitable giving is a fashion that never dies. It’s basically the opposite of man buns, a fashion that should never have been born. Where and how donors spend their charity budget helps to shape the world around them, from a large and happy human society provided for by animal lovers, to a thriving extra-curricular education for children whose parents aren’t available to help them study, the community, the country, and the world becomes a little better with each dollar donated.

Not all charities are equal, however. Investing a little thought before investing a lot of money makes a big difference. Know what services the charity you’re giving to provides. Avoid non-profits with overhead costs of 25 percent or more. Decide thoughtfully if a local or global charity is right for your donation– both have attractive qualities and both may be right for some people. Determine what is right for you. When deciding where and how to spend those donation dollars, consider these 6 charities and others like them.

World Relief


World Relief is a nation wide program that partners with the United States Government and local churches. It is dedicated to welcoming and resettling refugees coming to the United States. Most of these refugees are women and children. World Relief aids in finding housing and employment, legal aid, counseling, education and cultural services. They provide cultural orientation classes to ease the transition into American life, and offer job skills assistance, and help enrolling in courses for English As a Second Language.

The American immigration system is complex and confusing, and World Relief provides the legal assistance refugees need to ensure they are jumping through the hoops to retain their legal status, and proceeding through the process as they are meant to do. Find and give to your local office, or donate to World Relief here.

Americans Helping Americans


Programs like Americans Helping Americans invest in the future of the country. Reaching into the poorest corners of the nation, AHA, and organizations  like it, provide not only summer and after school care for children of low income parents, but they also help free kids to concentrate on school by providing them clothing and meals if needed, toys for stimulation, and mentors to help with homework and personal upheaval.

Americans Helping Americans resolves housing crises in the Appalachia mountains by helping with costly home repairs. Similar local organizations do the same across the nation. They provide energy assistance to families in Georgia and Kentucky. They help to provide emergency medical assistance and dental hygiene tools for children in reduced circumstances. Find a local organization, or donate to AHA here.

World Wildlife Fund


Working tirelessly to preserve the environment, the World Wildlife Fund approaches environmentalism from every direction, conserving forests, cleansing polluted waters, protecting endangered animals, feeding people, and forwarding renewable energy.

The WWF strives to empower communities in preserving the resources upon which they depend, creating a local dynamic of conservation and renewability with a global impact. They work tirelessly to influence political policies affecting wildlife and the earth. They fund the education of conservation leaders on three continents, furthering their ability to put into play the practices that will impact their local and the global environment positively. Donate to the WWF here.

American Cancer Society


The American Cancer Society, and other local and national programs forwarding medical research and well being, are another excellent choice for well spent simoleons. The American Cancer Society gives research grants and perform their own studies in quest of new knowledge of cancer risks, causes, diagnoses, and treatments. They provide lodging and transportation for cancer patients receiving treatment. They connect patients and families with peer support groups, aiding with the psychological trauma that cancer brings along with the physical.

The American Cancer Society is proactive in gathering for its own support, which is part of why they’ve been able to pour so much into cancer aid and research in the past century. If you’re looking for a way to raise money and get out of the house, try signing up for one of the relays or walks. Get a few sponsors and earn the dollars to cure cancer! If sponsored athletics don’t float your boat, donate here.

Humane Society


If you get along better with dogs than with people, or even if you prefer cats, the humane society can always use a little extra love. Donating to the national organization is great, but donating to your local branch is better. The humane society is devoted to the health and happiness of four legged types, rescuing animals from abusive or neglectful situations, treating strays for illness before finding their forever homes, and taking preventative measures to reduce or eliminate over breeding.

The Humane Society advocates against animal testing and promotes alternative scientific research methods. They strive respectfully and non-violently to end animal testing, while supporting scientists as individuals and scientific progress as a whole. They work hard for the welfare of wild animals, campaigning to reduce commercial hunting, support habitats, and change the exotic pet trade. Find your local animal shelter, or donate to the national organization here.

First Book


First Book, and organizations like it, helps ensure that more children receive the resources to learn, regardless of socio-economic status. The literacy centric charity provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials. First Book partners with major publishing houses for large scale donations, and distributes the brand new books to title 1 schools across the nation, providing children from low income households with fresh-off-the-press literature. Schools pay shipping on the books the receive, but pay nothing for the books themselves.

First Book and other literacy programs help to close the achievement gap between highly financed private education and the poorest of public schools. Children with a wider access to literature and newer books to read show more interest in reading, and that heightened literacy correlates to better test scores and better cognitive functioning throughout life. Look for a similar local organization, or donate to First Book here.