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    Dirty Truth or Dare: 200 Naughty Truths and Dirty Dares
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Dirty Truth or Dare: 200 Naughty Truths and Dirty Dares

We have the best-collected list of dirty truth or dare questions you can play with friends or your partner!

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or Dare is a classic game everyone is more than familiar with. We’ve been playing it since our childhood. But clean Truth or Dare, this is not – not exactly the kid or teen-friendly game you’re looking for. 

But if you want to spice up a game night with long-time friends or a date night with partner, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re into fun games strictly for adults, this game is made just for you.

Do You Have What it Takes to Play the Game?

A little wine, some pizza, and a night with your best-est friends or your one and only side piece playing dirty Truth or Dare might just be what the doctor ordered.

Just a few side notes before you play dirty Truth or Dare:

  • The purpose of these naughty Truth or Dare questions is not necessarily about going as crazy and wild as possible. We have a mix of dirty and extra dirty, freakier truth questions and dares. Just stick to playing with the ones you are comfortable with.
  • Play dirty games with friends or one-on-one with your significant other. We grouped our dirty truth questions and dares for friends and another set just for couples. If you’re feeling a bit bolder and more adventurous, you can play our dirty twist of Truth or Dare couples edition with other couples too!
  • Playing the dirty version of Truth or Dare questions with your gals and pals is a sign of next-level friendship. But you can also foster deeper friendships by asking the right questions to the right friend.
  • Lastly, this dirty Truth or Dare is just one way to keep the fire burning in your relationship. You can also play a questions game for couples to bring you closer together. 

Alrighty! With all of that said, let’s crack on with 200 truth or dare options for friends and couples.

Playing Dirty Truth or Dare With Friends

Casual hangs with your BFFs is always fun. But what makes it more fun than ever? Adding a dirty twist to the Truth or Dare questions you’ve been playing since middle school. 

You probably know plenty of things about your friends – their favorite music or their most embarrassing moment. But trust us, this game is 100% not like that. 

A Great Game With Friends

These dirty questions and dares are to have your friend admit to some naughty truths or do some naughty dares. It’s bound to turn your casual game night into one that’s a little TMI but overall fun and exciting that everyone will remember. 

25 Best Dirty Truth Questions to Play with Friends

Trust, your next game night with friends needs this list. But before diving in, however, make sure everyone knows what this game is all about to get them ready to spill all their dirty secrets.

1. How many sex partners constitute “too many?”

2. Have you had your partner laugh at you while you’re doing it?

3. Do you know the last name of every man/woman you’ve slept with?

4. How far would you be willing to go on the first date?

5. Could you describe what your best kiss was like?

6. Have you ever had a fling with a boss? How about a coworker?

7. Who was the most inappropriate person you had the most inappropriate thoughts about?

8. If you walked in on your parents watching a sexy movie, how would you react?

9. What do you say was the sexiest gift you’ve ever received? Given?

10. Care to share the last time you went skinny dipping?

11. What was the sexiest someone you’re not in a relationship has ever told you?

12. Do you believe most people are monogamous?

Is Your Truth Naughty Enough?

13. What is the biggest age difference between you and the girl/guy you’ve slept with?

14. What was the weirdest thing you did during a first date?

15. Have you ever sent provocative texts to anyone?

16. Have you ever wanted to do it with someone you would never want to date?

17. Is the sex better if you’re in love, or is it better if the other person is hot and knows what they are doing?

18. Have you ever accidentally sent spicy pictures to the wrong person?

19. Have you tried to make out with the same sex because of a dare?

20. Could you describe the sexiest outfit you’ve ever owned?

21. Suppose you wake up the opposite sex tomorrow. What dirty things would you be doing all day?

22. Do you have any sex toys?

23. What X-rated movie have you watched more than once?

24. Storytime – What is your most embarrassing story in the bedroom? Or the funniest sexual experience story?

25. What do you say is your least favorite sexual position, and why?

25 Extremely Naughty Truth Questions for BFFs

Ask these questions to your closest pals and find out the craziest and the most embarrassing thing your BFFs have done inside the bedroom (or outside of it) and the things they have yet to do. Expect this game to bring all the fun and turn it to be a game everyone will never forget!

Are You Ready to Confess All

26. What do you remember about your sexual awakening?

27. Have you ever regretted sleeping with someone right after you finished?

28. Have you had sex with someone ten years younger or older than you?

29. How often are you watching porn in a day? Have you ever paid to watch porn videos before?

30. Could you describe in detail your hottest sex dream?

31. Have you ever made out with more than one person from the same family?

32. Have you ever had any kind of same-gender experience? How about a secret fantasy about your best friend?

33. Care to share the last time you had a one-night stand?

34. When was the last time you touched yourself?

35. Have you ever had sex with someone even before you kissed them?

36. Have you ever dominated someone? Submitted to someone?

37. What do you say is the hottest thing about oral sex, giving it or receiving it?

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

38. What was the horniest you’ve ever felt?

39. Have you ever hired a hooker?

40. Have you ever fantasized about a same-sex experience?

41. Care to share the last time that you cheated on your significant other?

42. If you can only do one sexual act for the rest of your life, would it be romantic sex or angry sex?

43. Have you ever been cuffed? And if you haven’t, would you be willing to try it?

44. What was the last adult movie you watched?

45. Who do you most want to sleep without of everyone in the room?

46. If you could have someone in the room tie you up and do incredibly naughty things to you, who would you want it to be?

47. Have you ever tried anal sex?

48. If you have a chance to have a threesome with two other people in this room, who would you pick and why?

49. Have you ever had a threesome?

50. Have you ever tried making a sex tape?

25 Dirty Dares to Do with Friends

This version of dares is a little less like “eat some hot sauce” and a little more like “share your dirtiest bedroom secret.”

The Best Dares are Dirty Ones

51. Describe in detail your first kiss.

52. Treat the person to your right to a lap dance without touching them or them touching you.

53. Close your eyes and swipe right on your dating app a dozen times.

54. Make out with a pillow for the next 15 seconds. And don’t forget to do it as you mean it!

55. Describe in detail the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in the bedroom that you haven’t ever shared before.

56. Send a peach or eggplant emoji to the first person on your contact list with no further explanation.

57. Do a pole dance performance in the middle of the room. Whether there’s a pole in the room or not doesn’t really matter!

58. Swap shirts with anybody in the room.

59. Dance seductively to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”

60. Give anyone in the room a one-minute head massage.

61. Give anyone in the room a one-minute back massage.

62. Have someone post a suggestive Facebook status for you.

Do You Dare Take the Risk?

63. Give anyone in the room a one-minute butt massage.

64. Give someone a kiss on your favorite body part of the opposite gender.

65. Let someone from the group take charge of your dating profile for the next ten minutes.

66. Turn on a sexy song and grind up against a chair for the next 30 seconds.

67. Get into the hot tub or the shower with all your clothes on.

68. Have someone post an embarrassing picture of you on social media.

69. Take off your shirt for the remainder of the game.

70. Call your partner’s parents and tell them how in love you are with their son/daughter while someone is making fart sounds in the background.

71. Have someone tickle you for 15 seconds.

72. Get a banana and seductively eat it while locking eyes with the person to your left. 

 73. Close your eyes, and then everyone pours a shot. Open your eyes and drink one of the shots that were poured. Whoever poured the shot you just drank, you have to sit on their lap for the rest of the game. 

74.  Pick up one object nearest to you and, in great detail, demonstrate how to put on protection. 

75.  Drop several ice cubes in your pants. 

25 Extra Dirty Dares to Play Truth or Dare with Friends

For a bolder group of friends who are always game and ready no matter what and no matter when. These extra dirty dares will bring the game night to the next level and beyond. 

When Regular Dares Just Aren't Enough

76. Spin the bottle and make out with anyone it lands on.

77. Perform a convincing reenactment of the first time you had sex.

78. Do a dramatic reading of a chosen sex scene from an erotica book.

79. Make your best impression of a porno that involves a fireman in a bachelorette party (or the reverse if you’re a guy).

80. Feed someone grapes with just your mouth.

81. Get a marker and have someone in the room draw a tattoo of their choice on your butt.

82. Do a body shot of [insert someone else’s name but get their consent first].

83. Try to turn on a random person in the room by only using your seductive voice. No touching necessary!

84. Hold an ice cube between your front teeth and trace it along [insert consenting person in the group]’s chest.

85. Do a striptease for the entire group.

86. Lick chocolate sauce or whipped cream off someone’s [insert body part].

87. Give someone in the room a full body massage.

It’s Time to Get Down and Dirty

88. Do as many sit-ups as you can while kissing the person holding your leg.

89. Lick another person’s neck without touching them with any other part of your body.

90. Choose someone to demonstrate your favorite sex position.

91. You have to keep your hand on the very inner thigh of the person sitting next to you until the next round.

92. Name the most boring person in the room and make out with them.

93. Look someone in the eyes and tell them a naughty story. Don’t forget to use your seductive voice!

94. Trace your fingers over someone else’s lips and say “just a silly boy” in your most seductive voice.

 95. If there’s a swimming pool or beach nearby, you have to go skinny dipping. 

 96. Turn off the lights and turn on the person to your right by only using your voice. 

 97. Close your eyes, scroll through your phone’s contact list, call a random number and leave them a dirty voicemail. 

 98. Leave an R-rated voicemail for your ex, then delete his or her number afterward. (Because surely, you still have the number of one of your exes when you should have deleted it a long time ago.)

 99. Post a Facebook status saying, “Feeling horny….”

 100. Play the game “Seven Minutes in Heaven” with the person next to you. Whether it’s the one to your right or to your left, you choose. And use your time wisely! 

A Wicked Truth or Dare Game for Couples

Even before the dreaded 3-year bump or the 7-year itch, every relationship goes through some rough patches. The honeymoon phase is over, and things just aren’t as exciting anymore. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore. 

What you might need is to add a little romance and sprinkle a little bit of spice into your relationship. It takes effort. It takes a lot of work. But if you want that love and romance to last, you have to feed the fires of passion. 

And what better way to keep the fire hotter and break out from boring spells than by playing some hot and heavy games with your boo? 

25 Best Dirty Truths to Play with Your Partner

This list is ideal for both new and old couples – just a little dirty and spicy. Asking these questions to your significant other is perfect for introducing, exploring, and reconnecting the sexual side of your relationship. 

There is No Wrong Answer Here

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a date night and load up for a long night of fun with these raunchy truth questions.

101. What is your “I’m getting laid tonight” outfit?

102. How do you like me to kiss you?

103. Suppose you’re a flirt expert. What tips would you give me if I want to turn you on?

104. How does it feel when I kiss your neck?

105. What is your favorite sexual memory?

106. How was your first sexual experience?

107. Would you take a shower with me if I can’t promise to keep my hands to myself?

108. How long have you gone without having sex?

109. Have you ever thought about me naked in the shower?

110. What is your craziest sexual fantasy?

111. How many people have you slept with?

112. Have you ever tried having sex blindfolded? And if you haven’t, would you be willing to try it with me?

Does Your Partner Know Your Real Truth

113. Who’s the hottest person in your workplace?

114. Which one would you prefer more, lights on or off during sex?

115. What first came to your mind the first time you saw me naked?

116. Would you ever sit and watch a steamy adult movie with me?

117. Do you like listening to music while doing it?

118. What is number one on your sexual bucket list right now?

119. Have you ever tried copping a feel whenever we hug?

120. What is your favorite message I sent you while we were sexting and why?

121. What do you think is the sexiest part of my body?

122. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

123. If you were to create an original adult movie, what would you call it?

124. Have you ever tried using a sex toy? If yes, what kind is it?

125. Which turns you on more? A foot massage, or your hair being stroked?

25 Extremely Dirty Truths to Spill All the Secrets

Are you having some fun with the lighter version of the dirty truths for couples? How about bringing it to the next level with these extra dirty truths for the next round?

The Truth Must Out

126. Have you ever touched yourself in a public place? If yes, what made you do it?

127. Have you ever had a one-night stand with someone else?

128. Have you had more than one partner at one time? Would you ever do a threesome with my permission?

129. Would you ever watch me sleeping with someone else?

130. If you could pick one other person to join us in the bedroom, who would you pick?

131. Have you ever thought of doing it with someone other than me?

132. Do you like foreplay? If yes, what kind of foreplay do you enjoy the most?

133. What do you think is better; make-up sex or angry sex?

134. What fantasy do you imagine whenever you touch yourself?

135. If I were handcuffed to the bed right now, could you describe in detail what naughty things you would like to do to me?

136. How often do you touch yourself?

137. What was the raunchiest, kinkiest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom? What about outside of the bedroom?

No Truth is Too Dirty For This Game

138. If you were to create an original adult movie, who would you want to do it with?

139. Does dirty talk get you aroused?

140. What kind of sexual roleplaying have you tried doing before?

141. Would you ever take part in the swinger’s club?

142. Could you describe the most satisfying orgasm you’ve ever had? And who gave it to you?

143. Have you gone to a strip club or a burlesque club?

144. If you could only pick one for the next month, which would you choose, tongue or fingers?

145. If I give you a free pass to hook up with someone else, who would you want it to be?

146. Have you ever visited a sex club? Would you consider going if I ever invited you?

147. Have you ever had an exciting dream with someone else? What was it all about?

148. Have you ever had sex in a hot tub? If not, would you want to give it a try sometime?

149. Do you prefer make-up sex to be sensual or rough, and why?

150. What is the sluttiest/nastiest thing you’ve always wanted to do but never have?

25 Dirty Dares to Play with Your Partner

Have some fun on date nights with your boo with these dirty, flirty dares. These will surely turn up the heat!

The Best Dare Questions Are Naughty Dare Questions

151. Treat me to a scalp massage for five minutes while I lay my head on your lap.

152. Create a sexy playlist to use the next time you’re going to hook up. 

153. Do your sexiest dance performance.

154. Feed me something tasty using only your mouth.

155. Take off your partner’s shirt using only your teeth. No cheating!

156. Let’s take a shower together and continue the game afterward. 

157. Pick up three props in the room and use them to model for an intimate, sexy, for-my-eyes-only kind of photoshoot. 

158. Put one of your hands in my pants for the rest of the round. 

159. Get closer to me and whisper the cheesiest, corniest pick-up line you can think of. 

160. Let me handcuff/bind you to bed and tickle you.

161. Drink a shot from my belly button.

162.  Try to elevate your significant other’s heart rate by attempting a sultry dance to the song of their choosing. No touching with your hands!

Dares to Get You Dirty?

163. You have to lick your partner’s feet like you really mean it.

164. Pick a non-obvious body part (fingers, toes, etc.) of the one to your right, and lick it in the most sensual way possible. 

165. Show me a toy on the internet that you are curious about and want to use, and we’re going to buy it. 

166. Eat something off of my chest. 

167. Let me lick your lips and try to resist touching or kissing me the entire time. If you fail, then you get to do another dirty dare. 

168. Lick (or suck) your significant other’s nipples. 

169. Let me play using an ice cube on your belly button.

170. Call one of your friends and talk about one of our bedroom adventures and how much you liked it while I’m listening in.

171. Go commando for the rest of the day or night. 

172. Suck on my fingers while pretending that you are performing oral sex for the next 30 seconds. 

173. Raid your closet and put together (and change) into the sexiest outfit you can find. 

174. Let me raid your closet and wear any sexy outfit I can put together for you. 

175. Give me a slow passionate kiss for a full minute. (If you want to make out for a full five minutes, no one is saying no!)

25 Extra Dirty Dares for Couples

Give your significant other some back-arching, toe-curling kind of dares when they are too chicken, to tell the truth.

It's Time To Make Things Real Dirty

This list of awesome dares is essentially nonstop foreplay – recommended for long-time couples who are already at that level of the relationship. 

176. Only say yes for the next hour. 

177. Lick peanut butter or whipped cream off my [insert favorite body part of your partner].

178. Play your favorite romantic song and do a sexy dance.  

179. Demonstrate the sex act you’ve been dying to do with your partner.

180. Hide a gummy bear in any part of your body and let me find it. (Of course, it doesn’t have to be a gummy bear. Any candy works, but that’s not the point!)

181. Let me blindfold you and eat anything I give you. 

182. Look me in the eyes and recreate the sounds you make when you make love. 

183. Show me an intimate photo of yourself that I’ve never seen before. 

184. Go to the bathroom and send me a naked snap.

185. Do a quick study of erogenous zones and give sensual massage to those areas.

186. Share your sexiest dream where you and I are the starring characters.

187. What scene from an adult movie would you like to recreate with me?

Do You Dare Take the Challenge?

188. Let me tickle the back of your neck with an implement of my choosing!

189. Search the internet for the most sexually sensitive area of the body and arouse your partner by licking that area. No touching!

190. Let me bend you over (my knee or the couch) and spank you ten times. 

191. Do your best impersonation of a hired stripper at a bachelor or bachelorette party.

192. Do any household chores while completely naked (topless or bottomless works also)!

193. Try to get yourself off by dry humping your significant other. Try doing it without touching. No kissing too!

194. Go inside the bathroom (or bedroom) and film me a form-my-eyes-only sexy movie of yourself. 

195. Get yourself off while looking into my eyes and without making any sound. 

196. I dare you to try out my ultimate fantasy roleplay.

197. I dare you to get naked and try out your favorite sex toy in front of me. 

198. Turn off the lights and treat your partner to a handjob. 

199.  I dare you to give me some oral attention for at least 15 minutes or until you make me climax.

200. I dare you to find the raunchiest sexy video you have in your secret fantasy and show it to me. 

Final Words – Dirty Truth or Dare

There you have it. The ultimate collection of dirty truth or dare questions. Provided everyone’s game, playing dirty Truth or Dare with friends and your significant other can be so much fun and exciting.

Did you enjoy our collection of dirty truths and even dirtier dares? It certainly beats Netflix and chill any day of the week! Why not send them to the group of friends you think will enjoy playing the dirty version of the classic Truth or Dare game next time you get together? 

And if you have any dirty truths or dare suggestions that didn’t make it to our list, feel free to drop your ideas in the comments below! 

What are you waiting for? Happy playing!