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    The 23 Best Gym Bags for Packing Your Pump To Go
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The 23 Best Gym Bags for Packing Your Pump To Go

Tired of having a poor-quality bag to keep your workout gear in? Maybe it’s time to invest in a new bag. Keep reading to look at some of the best gym bags on the market.

Best gym bag

Going to the gym can feel bloody impossible.

First, you must find a place that meets the most stringent requirements. Namely: The right atmosphere. Because nothing makes you want to skip leg day more than a gym that smells like old socks. Or worse, one that looks like you’ll get ill if you hit the showers.

Then, you need to see if it’s crowded. Are the weights in constant use? Or is this more of an influencer hotspot?

Finally, you’re going to need a bag that looks good, and keeps your sweaty funk locked away from prying noses.

While can’t help you with most of that, we can suggest 23 of the best gym bags for men who want to get fit and stay stylish at the same time.

23 Best Gym Bags For Men

We have done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to and tested various gym bags for hitting the gym, so here’s what we found out.

Follow the list below to find the perfect bag for you!

1. Velasca Valisa Dark Brown Weekender Bag 

Velasca Valisa Dark Brown Weekender Bag [shopwnow link”″]

Made for the Classic Man: Choose your bag that perfectly matches your suit. Velasca understood the assignment when they made Valisa, the weekender bag that fits the lifestyle of a classic man. Luxury meets functionality. Handmade by artisans from top-quality tumbled calf leather, its softness is top-notch and spacious enough to fit everything you need for the gym and so much more. Available in canvas for a more touristy, rugged style. With wide supportive straps, carry it with ease on your shoulder or by hand.

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2. Rains Gym Bag

Rains Gym Bag Shop Now

All the Space You Need: This minimalistic, sporty bag has all the space you need from a trusty gym bag. The boxy silhouette that features a large main compartment and a front zip pocket can keep all your workout and weekend gear organized. Created to meet all your sporting demands, it’s made with Rains’ signature waterproof polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating, capable of keeping your essentials dry day in and out.

.Meanwhile, adjustable webbing shoulder strap and carry straps with handle wraps guarantee excellent carrying strength and extra comfort whether you carry it over your shoulder or by hand.

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3. Floyd Weekender Gym Bag

Floyd Weekender Gym Bag

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Just Chillin: Keep things casual with the Weekender bag from Floyd. With five color combinations, and strap options, this bag will fit all your style needs.

And when you’re at the gym, you can easily stay organized. Because this functional gym bag has three outside pockets, and multiple interior pockets. Now you don’t have to worry about your sweaty clothes touching your other belongings.

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4. Rains Weekend Bag

Rains Weekend Bag

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Slippery When Wet: Both stylish and practical, Weekend Bag is a stellar option for a gym bag. Boasting a waterproof PU coated fabric, this bag will hold up against your hardest days at the gym.

And it will look good in the process. With black on black matte hardware, a large main compartment, adjustable buckles on the sides, and even more, this is a top notch bag for any gym going soul.

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5. Mismo M/S Adventurer Gym Bag

Mismo M/S Adventurer Gym Bag

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Exploration: When you combine high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, you get the M/S Adventurer bag. The high quality means that this bag can take a beating.

With metal feet to keep the bottom safe from the various environments within a gym. And a hard-woven nylon exterior. This bag will stand the test of time. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a sports bag that won’t give out on you. The spacious main compartment also means you can happily carry all your pre, during, and post-gym accessories.

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6. Steele & Borough The Holdall Blue Nights Gym Bag

Steele & Borough The Holdall Blue Nights Gym Bag

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Spare No Effort: Steele & Borough have thought of everything with The Holdall Blue Nights bag. From including a water repellant bag for your dirty shoes or towel, to crafting a bag that is machine washable.

No more god awful smells wafting through your car or closet. Now you can enjoy your exercise, and have a casual bag to hold all of your stuff.

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7.Felipe Varela 65L Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment and Adjustable Strap

Felipe Varela 65L Duffle Bag

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Spacious: A classic duffle bag with a 65l capacity. This is a fantastic sports bag for the gym going man who doesn’t always travel light. You could easily get your gym gear, your swimming shorts, and a collection of towels and toiletries packed without fear. The handy removable shoulder strap makes this bag even more transportable. Perfect for any occasion. 

The separate shoe compartment is a great addition, because, whether it’s gym shoes or dress shoes when using this duffle as an overnight bag you always want to keep your shoes separate.

8. Nike Air Max Vapor Gym Bag

Nike Air Max Vapor Gym Bag

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Known Quantity: Nike’s name is synonymous with sport. You might be one of the rare gym rats that don’t have a swoosh somewhere on your exercise equipment, but we’re willing to bet not. Smartly vented, boldly stylish, and presenting just enough compartments to put everything in place without confusion, the Max Vapor is a simple solution to a simple problem. The padded shoulder strap is a handy extra that keeps it a great bag to carry, even when fully loaded.

9. Carhartt Legacy Gym Bag

Carhartt Legacy Gym Bag

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Workhorse: Anyone who has ever turned a wrench, worked a ranch, or needed warmth while they roughnecked out on an oil rig knows the name Carhartt. An incomparable survivor, their Legacy bag brings the same level of protection to whatever you’re carrying that their clothes bring to your body. 

10. OGIO XIX Gym Travel Duffel Bag

OGIO XIX Gym Travel Duffel Bag

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Cut to Fit: The ultimate multi-purpose men’s gym bag. Multiple compartments give you plenty of storage segregation. There is also a ‘hidden’ mesh-lined pocket perfect for storing your keys and phone. Taking it beyond being just another average gym bag, there is a separate shoe compartment. Adjustable shoulder straps and strong, leather handles mean this bag is not only easy to carry but a joy.

11. Patagonia Arbor

Patagonia Arbor

Wild, Man: Patagonia makes their bones designing and developing outdoor equipment for the guys who like to go for broke in the wilds. Though the Arbor is intended for the more modest, urbane adventurer, it’s no less tough, durable, and survivalist-friendly than any of their bombproof gear for going the distance.

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12. UA Alumni Backpack

UA Alumni Backpack

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Portable Genius: Rainproof, snowproof, splashproof, and durable as hell, the Alumni from the fine designers at UA comes in sleek black that looks good with everything. Well padded to prevent damage when being tossed around the locker room, it also has a secure laptop sleeve and smartphone pocket for when it needs to be ready to work.

The adjustable backpack straps allow for maximum carry comfort, along with making it a bag suitable for everybody.

13. Herschel Novel Duffle

Herschel Novel Duffle

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Stand Out: Bland hues are fine for funerals, not for getting pumped up. 29 color combinations make the Novel a piece that stands out, and the hard-core canvas build with separate compartment for shoes makes it a piece that also stands the test of time.

14. Komal’s Passion Leather Duffel

Komal's Passion Leather Duffel

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Adventure Seeker: This is the bag that Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake would take to the gym, if they didn’t get their High-Intensity training while raiding tombs and fighting off gun runners. Distressed leather offers maximum masculinity with a devil-may-care vibe that looks good anywhere. 

15. Owen and Fred Work Hard Play Hard Duffel Bag

Owen and Fred Work Hard Play Hard Duffel Bag

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Under the Radar: There’s no need to turn your sports bag hunt into a complicated affair. Using basic canvas materials with a clean nylon lining, there’s no compartments to add troubles to your life. It’s as straightforward as it gets, with a shoulder-slung look that never goes out of style. 

A large gym bag with a spacious main compartment, there is nothing not to love about this multi-functional duffel. 

16. Filson Dry Day Backpack

Filson Dry Day Backpack

River Run: Compact and ready for serious wetness, this is the gym bag you need if you’re a resident of the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere that has a deadly monsoon season. The beauty of the welded seams and vinyl build is not only that it will keep your sneakers dry, it will keep the smell of your clothes quarantined.

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17. Defy Bags Ultimate Gym Bag

Defy Bags Ultimate Gym Bag

Salute: Throwing around words like “ultimate” will usually earn you little more than scorn and derision. Somehow, Defy has managed to prove this bag has the stones to carry that title with aplomb. Streamlined and simple, it’s made of military-grade canvas and vinyl, capable of standing and delivering for years, even if it becomes your weekender as your gym membership quietly expires. While it may look like a minimalist gym bag, this hold-all has plenty to offer, in all departments. 

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18. Dsptch Gym/Work Bag

Dsptch Gym/Work Bag

Nooner: Hopping off for a quick run on the company treadmill, or trying to shoehorn in an extra pump between meetings can be a tough trick to pull off. The Gym/Work bag helps make it easy by being cut into various segments. Put your paperwork and laptop in one place, then tuck your shoes and shorts into others.

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19. Bluboon Weekender Overnight Duffel Bag

Bluboon Weekender Overnight Duffel Bag

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All Together: A sturdy bag that works perfectly as a gym, weekend, or overnight bag. Combining ample storage with carry comfort and hard-wearing versatility. Besides the spacious central compartment, there are multiple other pockets that give you plenty of places to store your everyday essentials. 

The handy size of this bag makes it a great item of carry on luggage too, expanding its importance in your wardrobe. 

20. Tumi Alpha 2 Travel Satchel

Tumi Alpha 2 Travel Satchel

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Bug Out: Soft lines and smooth curves make this basic carry-on bag ideal for heading into the gym or off to the office. The interior is lined with odor-resistant fabric that won’t retain the funk of your exercise regime, nor will it leak the scent of your sweaty gym clothes laundry into the nostrils of any unsuspecting co-workers.

This is also a great size for a carry on bag the next time you need to pop out for a quick business trip or a weekend city break. 

21. Mulberry Medium Clipper

Mulberry Medium Clipper

Pure Poise: Using a pebbled exterior with cognac leather accents, this is a wonderful briefcase that just happens to be tough enough for taking the to-and-fro beatings that a gym bag requires. Able to go the distance while looking like a million bucks, it’s an investment in swagger as much as stashing your clothes. 

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22. Berluti Polished Jour Off Leather Holdall

Berluti Polished Jour Off Leather Holdall

Fashion Maven: Berluti is renowned for working leather like few other companies on the planet. From bespoke shoes to this glorious bag made of hand-polished Venezia hide, it’s clear why men of incomparable style, from JFK to DeNiro to Sinatra have chosen Berluti. It not only complements your wardrobe, it creates it.

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23. The Onyx Transformer Duffle – Nation of Nmds

The Onyx Transformer Duffle

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Elegance: Who said gym bags have to come in bright colors and nylon? If you like a more posh look, you’ll appreciate the Onyx Transformer Duffle.

And it’s versatile! Go ahead and wear it as a backpack,use the detachable shoulder strap throw it over your shoulder, or use the leather handles. Additionally, it has multiple pockets and even a key fob. So, your belonging can remain secure, and separate.

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Why You Need a Good Bag for the Gym

The best gym bags do so much more than simply holding all your gym gear in one place. That would make them nothing more than a glorified carrier bag. No, a great gym bag will offer you storage space for everything you don’t take into the gym with you. It should give you a space to separate clean clothes from the sweaty clothes you remove after your workout. 

There’s never a need for those two outfits to mix. Many a stylish gym bag will even have a separate waterproof compartment to keep any swimming gear or wet towels away from the dry goods.

While the classic gym bag is a hold-all for your gym gear, the best of the best offer a much more efficient, and useful manner of storage. The best men’s gym bags can also easily be emptied out and used for a wide range of occasions, making them a multi-functional bag 

Final Thoughts on the Best Gym Bags

If you find yourself loading up your everyday carry backpack with your gym clothes. Then switching back to using it for a work bag. Then back once again to the gym. Well, you’re going to have a problem. Especially if you’re hitting the gym every day.

So, avoid carrying the smell of your local gym with you wherever you get yourself a nice gym bag already.

Let us know which of the above gym bags speaks to you in the comments!