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    Cut to the Chase: These are the Best Hair Scissors of 2023
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Cut to the Chase: These are the Best Hair Scissors of 2023

Can’t make it out to the barber and worried about your unruly mane? With a good pair of hair scissors and a DIY tutorial, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to give yourself a nice cut at home. Our reviews of the best hair scissors will let you in on the best shears to keep your hair in check.

Best hair cutting scissors

Whether you have aims to start your own business in esthetics or just like being able to DIY yourself a trim, it pays to have the right tools for the job. And nothing is more indispensable in a barber’s arsenal than a good pair of hair cutting scissors.

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The best scissors don’t hold you back, helping instead to focus your technique on bringing your vision of the perfect cut to life. If you’ve ever wondered just what constitutes a good set of shears, you’re on the right page. Before long, you’ll know have seen 10 top examples of good hair scissors, and understand what makes them great with the information presented in our buyer’s guide down the page. 

The Best Hair Scissors of 2023

The best hair-cutting scissors are those that give you top value for your money.

However, quality hair shears are far and few in between. That’s why you must thoroughly research the market before buying — lest you end up with a pair of overpriced kitchen scissors.

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The scissors you choose should be durable, sharp, and easy to use. They should also come with a warranty, so if they break or get dull over time, you can replace them at no cost.

Luckily for you, we’ve already done the heavy lifting. We checked out an assortment of scissors for professional and amateur stylists alike, and are happy to present you the 10 best hair cutting shears on the market today.

1. Equinox Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Equinox hair scissors
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Equinox hair scissors feature superb quality. However, unlike other models of their caliber, the Equinox hair shears come at a bargain, making them one of the best pairs of barber scissors for the money.

For starters, they have an ergonomic design, complete with a finger rest for maximum comfort while you’re operating on your hair. They also come with an enhanced pivot for easy maneuverability and smooth cutting.

The blades themselves are of the highest quality Japanese steel; they are strong enough to cut through the thickest hair without getting dull quickly. The blades also boast mirror finish sharpness, allowing you to get closer to the scalp without getting nicked, which is excellent if you want to work with shorter, more manageable hair.

2. Feather No.65 Switch-Blade Shear Scissors

Feather 65 shear scissors
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Does having to sharpen blades regularly grind your gears? You’re in good company, as most people would rather have a pair of scissors that’s always ready to go.

That is why Feather created the No.65 switch-blade shear. Instead of sharpening the blades once they begin to get dull, simply replace them with new ones. This ensures a consistent cut quality.

Featuring ice-tempered blades, these hair shears are almost as sharp as a straight razor. They’re also less likely to rust, which is great news if you prefer effortless maintainance for your shears.

In addition to being sleek, these scissors are also very comfortable to use. Here, you’ll find an ergonomic design that involves no rough edges or surfaces, making these an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

However, you need to be careful when handling this pair of hair-cutting shears, as the blades are razor-sharp and can cause cuts if not used correctly.

3. Kinsaro Professional Hair Shears

Kinsaro hair shears
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These 6-inch Kinsaro Hair Shears are designed with the professional in mind.

First off, the blades are made of 440C Japanese Stainless Steel. This makes them resistant to corrosion and oxidation, so you can use these scissors on wet and dry hair without worrying about rust.

The blades are also convex ground, making them wider at the tip than on the center axis. The edges do not get thin quickly, which allows you to cut with accuracy and consistency without fretting over nicks or cuts along the way.

The handles are ergonomically designed to provide the best grip while cutting hair. Moreover, the long body provides increased leverage, allowing you to slice through the thickest of manes with ease.

In addition to extremely sharp blades, these scissors also feature CNC screw technology, which ensures that the edges do not come apart when in use.

If you are looking for excellent performance, this pair of barber scissors should be your go-to product.

4. JW Professional Barber & Hair Cutting Shears

JW barber scissors kit
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The JW Professional Shears Austin Series is an all-in-one kit for cutting hair. You not only purchase scissors: you also get a comb, cutting tape, and even a bag. As such, the kit ensures you have everything you need to cut and style your hair.

You will also be pleased to know these hair shears feature edges made out of super sharp, Japanese stainless steel. This means that you can expect them to power through the thickest hair without bucking out.

Another benefit of Japanese steel is that it is rust-resistant. So, you can be sure that these scissors are in for the long haul.

The sharp blade also allows for accurate cutting and trimming bangs. The blades won’t wobble or become loose mid-cut, which is excellent if you want a precise cut.

These hair cutting shears are also incredibly comfortable to use. They have a long body, allowing for increased leverage while cutting. Furthermore, the handles are sufficiently wide for your comfort, but thin enough that your hands don’t hurt while using them.

Thanks to the adjustment screw, you can ensure that the blades do not come apart at any point. This means you won’t have to worry about making uneven cuts due to loose blades.

These shears are perfect for people looking for a no-nonsense pair of scissors. They might be simple, but they work incredibly well.

5. Utopia Care Hair Japanese Stainless Steel Cutting Scissors

Utopia hair shears
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The Utopia Care Barber Scissors may have been made with the professional in mind, but they’re comfrotable enough to also make them an excellent choice for hair stylist beginners.

These shears feature hand-sharpened razor edges, which ensure you get a clean precision cuts every time. The super sharp blades are made of Japanese stainless steel, which is rust-resistant, preventing the scissors from corroding after use.

You’ll find that the handles are also ergonomically designed to provide you with optimal comfort without compromising on performance. Moreover, they have a hook nose, making it easier to cut hair when positioned between the blades.

Furthermore, these scissors have an adjustable tension screw that allows you to tweak the level of tension applied while cutting. This provides you with a higher degree of control, ensuring that you can get a clean cut without much effort — even if you’re a beginner.

You will also love the non-slip handles, which ensure that the hair shears do not slip out of your hands while in use. The removable finger rest is another nice touch that gives you added flexibility over your shears.

The Utopia Care Barber Scissors are perfect for people looking for a high-quality pair of right handed scissors without spending a fortune. They may look simple, but they work well and should last you a long time given proper storage.

6. Aerolite Swivel Hair Cutting Scissors

Aerolite swivel hair cutting scissors
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The Aerolite Scissor Pro Swivel Hair Shears promise to give the cleanest angles and details. These shears are not all talk, as they come with the revered Hitachi ATS-314 stainless steel blades. These are incredibly sharp, so you can be sure they will slice through the thickest hair without any problems.

They also resist rust and corrosion, so you’ll get to use them for years on end. Furthermore, the Hitachi blade stays sharp longer than other types of stainless steel used in similar products at this price range.

Another great thing about these shears is that they swivel. This means you can quickly get the hang of using them without the risk of cutting yourself, even if you are a beginner.

They also come with an adjustable screw, which allows for fine-tuning your cuts. You can use this feature to adjust how much tension is applied while cutting, allowing for a higher level of control.

For enhanced comfort, these hair cutting shears come with an innovative hybrid military-grade aircraft alloy handle, which is both lightweight and durable. The finger inserts are also soft, preventing your hands from tiring after prolonged periods of use.

7. Eagle Sharp Professional Kit

Eagle sharp hair shears
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The Eagle Sharp Professional Hair Scissors Kit consists of shears and hair thinning scissors to cater to all your styling needs.

These shears are designed specifically for professional hairstylists, as seen from their high-quality construction and materials. They feature 440C Japanese stainless steel blades that are incredibly sharp and will cut through the shaggiest strands without missing a beat.

The performance is enhanced by the convex edge design, which ensures a clean cut. These scissors also have a tension screw which you can use to adjust their level of resilience, giving you more control.

Besides the shears themselves, this kit also comes with a free carrying case. The interior is lined with velvet, so the scissors are protected from damage when you transport them.

We don’t doubt that these scissors will satisfy even the most exacting of needs, making them ideal for professional hairdressers.

8. ULG Professional Hair Cutting Kit

ULG professional hair cutting kit
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The ULG Professional Hair Cutting Kit consists of scissors and a pair of hair thinning shears to ensure you have everything you need for a perfect cut. These scissors feature 100% Japanese stainless steel construction to ensure sustained use. Moreover, the blades are hand-sharpened to a razor-sharp edge, allowing you to trim evenly.

You will also love the offset grip that keeps you from exhaustion even after hours of shearing away. Furthermore, the ergonomic pivoting ring design gives you more control over your cuts, allowing for a greater degree of precision.

These professional tools come with a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

9. JOHN Professional Rainbow Scissors

John professional rainbow scissors
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The JOHN Professional Barber Hair Scissors are a beautiful pair of rainbow-colored shears designed for professional hairstylists. However, they are excellent for home use, too.

These barber shears feature premium Japanese Cobalt alloy stainless steel construction, which is strong and corrosion-resistant. In fact, they boast a high Rockwell hardness value of 58-60 HRC. This backs up their claim as being extremely durable, so you can use them for years on end without any problems.

You’ll be happy to learn that these shears have convex ground blades that cut through coarse hair with minimal effort. Moreover, the blade is hand-sharpened to an incredibly fine edge for added precision.

There is also a tensioning screw located in the middle of each shear, allowing you to adjust the shears’ resilience to your liking. This provides greater control when cutting through thick strands.

These professional scissors are very well suited for home use thanks to their comfort grip handles that will not wear down your hands after prolonged use. They also come with an anti-shock soft leather case to provide safe storage.

10. Centrix ROC IT DOG 360 Swivel Shears

Centrix ROC IT DOG 360 Swivel Hair Shears
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The Centrix ROC Swivel Hair Shears are designed to provide you with a smooth and effortless grooming experience, whether you’re dry cutting or or wet cutting.

These scissors feature an offset grip that allows you to cut with minimal strain. They also have a 360-degree swiveling head that enables you to pivot the scissors in any direction when cutting, preventing wrist fatigue.

Moreover, the stainless steel blades are hand-folded and polished for maximum sharpness before being assembled onto the shears. The latter features an all-lacquered body, preventing damage to the alloy used for their construction. These scissors are ideal for salon use thanks to their offset grip and swivel head while still being comfortable enough for home use. Customers have also praised them for being exceptionally sharp right out of the box.

Factors to Consider When Buying Hair Scissors

If you love styling your hair, you know how essential a pair of scissors is. And there are lots of options out there. As such, it is easy to make a regrettable decision if you don’t understand what you’re looking for. Here are some things you should consider when you search for that perfect pair of shears for your hair. 


Hair shears come in different sizes, ranging from between 4 inches to 8 inches, and the best length for a scissor depends on what task you plan to use it for.

For example, if you have thin, fine strands, you should go for a pair that’s lightweight and one that has 4 or 5-inch blades. For a truly thick mane, the best option would be six-inch shears, which could glide through it quickly.

Scissor Handles

Scissor handles are the second most crucial factor. Their material and design play a significant role in determining how easy it is to use them. The best hair shears come with ergonomic handles that’ll fit well in your hands and offer a good grip, even when your hands are wet.

Comfy handles are essential to anyone looking for hair shears for professional use.


Premium scissor blades are made of high-carbon steel, which is the best material for cutting shears. It does not rust or corrode easily, making it ideal for salon use. Nonetheless, carbon steel is costly. Stainless steel is also a good option as this metal resists corrosion and discoloration. However, this kind of metal may lose its edge after a while.

Razor-Sharp Blades

When looking for the perfect hair scissors, the blade design is another factor you should consider. A scissor with a convex sharpened edge offers the best ease of use and longevity.

Tension Adjustment

Hair shears with adjustable tension come fitted with a screw which enables you to adjust the tension level as per your requirements. You can also monitor how much pressure you are using when cutting, hence preventing over-cutting and injuries caused by the blades suddenly closing in on your hand.

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Good Reviews and Warranty Period

You can get a better idea of the quality of hair shears by checking out what others have to say about them. Make sure you read online reviews before purchasing a pair.

You should also see if the manufacturer offers a warranty or guarantee period because the last thing you want is to buy your shears only to find out that they quickly lose their sharpness. In this case, it’s better to change them after the first use.


The price of hair shears varies depending on their quality and materials used during production.

However, it would help if you always tried to get good value for your money when looking for the best hair scissors. That means comparing prices between different online stores before making a decision.


Whether you want to cut your hair or trim a beard, there are numerous scissor options available out there. We’ve compiled 10 o the best scissors for every need and budget, but if you want to explore more options on your own, remember the key features we’ve gone over above.  Also, be wary of fake products which are sold at lower rates by unscrupulous sellers.

And, if you end up buying that perfect pair of hair shears, let us know about it in the comment section below.