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    Complete the Look: 10 Style Accessories that turn Boring into Bold
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Complete the Look: 10 Style Accessories that turn Boring into Bold

Every outfit, from a t-shirt and jeans to a sport coat and slacks, isn’t complete without that one final accessory that ties it all together. It is accessories like these that can turn a boring look into a bold one, and make the right man stand out in a crowd. Join us to explore the ten types of modern mens accessories that can turn a stale style into a walking fashion statement. Hey, it’ll look good on you– and you looking good is the whole point.

In The Bag: The Perfect Mens Sidearm

When on the go, the modern man is usually carrying a full load– a smartphone, a laptop, a wallet, a camera, a book or two, you name it. The way you carry it can say a lot about your personality, as the bag you sport can be a strong accent to your personal style. That Italian-made Hard Graft 3fold Bag above can carry a laptop, a change of clothes or two, a novel and a personal portfolio– the kind of thing that makes a serious statement to clients or potential employers on the road. It features tanned leather and wool felt produced in an Italian factory by skilled artisans. It’s not easy to find a weekender as sexy as that…

Modern Mens Bags Gallery

All Tied Up: Modern Mens Neckties

If you’re rocking a collar, the right necktie can seal the deal for a stylish outfit. The problem is that most neckties just repeat the same patterns that have existed for decades– apparently there is little room for progress in the world of neckwear. That isn’t true to us, and it shouldn’t be true to you. That dashing necktie above comes from the Detroit area tie gurus at CyperOptix, a design crew that crafts some of the most progressive ties in the fashion world today. That antler patterns is one of their more conservative styles, as the crew crafts ties with patterns of chemical formulas, modern weaponry, techno gadgets and more.

Modern Mens Neckties Gallery

The Sound of Style: Modern Mens Headphones

Since music has been portable, it has been a part of our fashion as men. From Radio Raheem to Steve Jobs, the style of sound has become essential to the way we appear to others on the go. And honestly, those white Apple earbuds are looking tired, my friend. You’ve got three options– closed ear, open ear and earbuds. Closed ear, like those cushy Marshall Headphones above, enclose your ear in a natural sound barrier so you hear what you want and miss what you don’t. Open ear, like the purple WeSC’s in the gallery below, are a lighter fit that bridge the gap between closed ear and in-ear headphones. Earbuds fit into your ears while blocking external noise and taking up very little space. We’ve picked out a favorite from each category, three headphone models that are high on style and sonic productivity.


Modern Mens Headphones Gallery

Future So Bright: Modern Mens Sunglasses

This time of year, a fresh pair of sunglasses isn’t just stylishly important, it’s good for your health. But a ten dollar pair of throw-away sunglasses from the supermarket isn’t doing you much justice. When you’re ready to invest in the right pair, it might just turn every outfit you wear into a hollywood-style statement. Take for example the Super Flat Top Sunglasses above. Those have been worn by just about any A-List celeb you can think of, man and woman alike, and their style imprint continues to drive the eyewear design industry firsthand.

Modern Mens Sunglasses Gallery

A Tip of the Hat: Modern Mens Hats

Nothing completes a look quite like a good hat does. We’re not talking sports team baseball caps, but real honest-to-god hats. A good fedora can separate a man from the boys, and all men should strive to own at least one good-fitting, modern fedora. Just be sure your hat matches the rest of your get-up. A fedora rarely ever works with t-shirts, it fits best with a collar and dark jeans or dress pants. If you don’t do it right, you’ll look like you’re trying far to hard but failing all the same.

Mens Hats Gallery

Jewel of the Collection: Modern Mens Jewelry

At best, jewelry is an after-thought for the modern man. It’s an accessory most commonly associated with women’s fashion, but when rocked right, can complete a well-pieced outfit. The Obey Two Feather Necklace above can be the centerpiece of an outfit, flashing brightly from a low-buttoned collared shirt and a Fedora up top. It’s the little things that make big differences, and a stylish piece of man-suited jewelry can make one hell of a statement.

Modern Mens Jewelry Collection

The Surprise of the Sock: Modern Mens Socks

A t-shirt and jeans can be high-fashion with the right pair of socks. For the moments when they are exposed, designer socks make a swift impression– because most of the working world are wearing basic white or boring black. If you don’t already own a pair of modern-styled argyle, you should. But it gets a lot more fun once you look into the creative sock designers. The Pixel Skull Socks by Diesel Sweeties bring arcade-style fun to a serious wardrobe, one that’ll show the onlooker that you’re as carefree as it gets underneath the clothes you’re wearing.

Modern Mens Socks Gallery

Holding It All Together: Modern Mens Belts

A belt can be the perfect accent for a well-pieced outfit. Whether strong or subtle, a belt can make a casual style seem dressy or a dressy style appear edgy. When choosing a belt, the buckle should always take precedence so long as the material matches your garb. An old, chunky buckle with plenty of character can serve as the primary accent to your outfit. Over do it, however, and you’ll look a bit foolish. The three belts below range from classic to minimal to conservative, each one being a good start for the ideal wardrobe accent.

Modern Mens Belts Gallery

Clear Vision for Style: Modern Mens Eyeglasses

For many, eyeglasses are a requirement. For all, eyeglasses (whether real or fake) can be a game-changer in personal fashion. It’s quietly understood that people take a guy wearing glasses more seriously. If you own a pair, you’ve got your hand on the lever for when you want to add “serious” to your outfit. Just be sure you own the right pair… The Effector Eyewear Genuine Horn glasses above are not your typical horn-rims, they’re made from real, reclaimed/fallen horn materials. They’ll look like nothing else you could wear around your eyes if they fit your facial profile…

Modern Mens Eyeglasses Gallery

Keeping Time: Modern Mens Watches

It should be no secret how much we love watches here on TheCoolist. The modern wrist-watch personifies that communion between fashion and technology, two things which drive this magazine’s passion. That said, a good watch can have the same impact on your wardrobe. Depending on your budget, you should be able to find something special to separate you from the rest, whether a stand-out at your local department store, a used item online or a hand-made piece of master craftsmanship from Switzerland. If we had the money, we’d be plucking down some cash on the Devon Works Treat 1 Watch above. That $15,000 stunner features an array of moving treads that work in conjunction to display the time. If not that one, the black ceramic Rado watch in the gallery below is a simple, minimal stunner. Finally, the vintage-styled Nixon rounds out the trio of beautiful black wrist watches for the style-conscious.

Modern Mens Watches Gallery