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    The Conrad Maldives Hotel on Rangali Island
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The Conrad Maldives Hotel on Rangali Island


Ask most people in middle America, and their opinion of “paradise” is likely Disney World or Southern California ™.  You, however, are not one of those people– and this is precisely why you read TheCoolist.  If you really, really want to get away from it all, and do so in ultimate luxury, look no further than the Conrad Maldives Hotel on Rangali Island.  This tiny, tropical archipelago is home to a warm, vibrant culture that spans hundreds of islands and a common thread of wondrous beauty.  We’re doing our best to avoid hyperbole here, but we say “wondrous beauty” with as much restraint as we can summon.  Have you seen these pictures?

The Conrad Maldives Hotel is home to a range of private suites from modest to magnificent, all of which carry this resort’s personalized service and attention to every single detail you can imagine.  Want a pool that begins at your suite and ends half-way across the globe?  You’ve got it.  Want a restaurant that will show you just how amazing tropical seafood can be?  Look no further.  Want a wine room with varietals and vintages that no other island in the Indian Ocean can openly boast?  They’ve got that too.

In short, if you need to really get away– from everything you know and travel to ultimate paradise, the Maldives is your destination.  If you want to make that trip the right way, the Conrad Maldives Hotel is an easy choice.  It’s easy to forget the pain, the monotony, the tribulation of modernized life when you are faced with such inescapable beauty… [more at hilton]






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