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    Spring Status: Taking Business Casual to the Bank
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Spring Status: Taking Business Casual to the Bank

When the time comes that you must dress to impress, it’s important to have a few high style staples in your closet. Rocking business casual can be a challenge when opportunity knocks, but every challenge is a chance to excel. Is your wardrobe prepared for the moment when your appearance is your opening statement? It can be if you plan accordingly. Stick around as we explore a few vintage-inspired staples for the discerning man’s closet.

Persol 3018 S Suprema Sunglasses

There are few names in eyewear as memorable as Persol. The Persol 3018 S Suprema Sunglasses are a pair of tortoiseshell stunners that continue a story that was best told by the great Steve McQueen in the 1960s. McQueen was an original Hollywood bad boy, known for hard days in fast cars and long nights with A-list women. He was also known for the pair of Persols he wore in just about every occasion. Chances are, if they looked great on him, they’ll look solid on you. They’re head and shoulders above the Jersey curve club glasses that are surprisingly common today. A good pair of sunglasses like these are a necessity in the modern man’s wardrobe. $219.95.

Dockers Alpha Khaki

Some style elements always have a place in fashion, and a good pair of khakis is precisely one of these. The Dockers Alpha Khaki pants round out this look with a refined, comfortable base note upon which this outfit can be built. Every great painting needs a clean, quality canvas, and these Alpha Khakis are ready for your creation. $59.

Indochino Ultimate Navy Blue Blazer

If your closet doesn’t have one dress-to-kill blazer in it, you’re due for a trip to a tailor. The versatility of the classic blue blazer is greater than nearly any other article of clothing, in that it can be used for everything from nearly-formal to nearly-casual in a pinch. You can rock a blazer to a business meeting and a basketball game if you’ve properly accessorized. The Ultimate Navy Blue Blazer by Indochino is an ideal option, and the name is pretty accurate. The guys at Indochino have established themselves as a force in mens fashion today, and the price is one big reason why. The quality is a much bigger reason. $299.99.

Eastland of Maine Monhegan Chukka Boot

These fresh, wood-colored chukkas will add a nice accent to the base of a khaki style outfit. The Eastland of Maine Monhegan Chukka Boot is a moccasin-style dress shoe that rests on a natural crepe rubber sole. It’s designed to look great while maintaining a comfortable fit. If you’re not familiar with the Eastland of Maine brand, they’ve been around– producing USA-made kicks since 1955. $256.99.

Bell & Ross WWI Sautante Watch

This month, Bell & Ross revealed a pair of dashing vintage-inspired timepieces that perfectly represent style status and refinement. The Bell & Ross WWI Sautante Watch will be available in two iterations, one with the brown leather band and gold case shown above, another in a more minimal, monochrome styling. They’re limited editions, meaning the price may put them out of most budgets (ours included, sadly). Yet this watch represents the peak target for an outfit like this, and it’s style can be used to find a more affordable option. $TBA.

Dockers Laundered Poplin Shirt Classic Fit

The blue-and-white pattern of this Dockers Laundered Poplin Shirt is perfect for spring, a subtle salute to iconic picnic basket imagery. Along with the khakis below and the blue blazer around it, it is at once serious and playful, a touch that works in business meetings and after-work dinner dates with a new flame. Sleeves up or down, tie on or off, it fits the vintage business casual look like a glove. $40.

Sonic Fabric Necktie

This necktie is a true conversation piece, plus a bit of entertainment if the cocktail party starts to get a bit dull. The Sonic Fabric Necktie is woven from old, recycled cassette tapes into your standard medium width tie. At a glance, it sports a nice, simple stitch pattern, but at a closer look it features a different character. With the right equipment, you can score the surface of the tie and play back real, audible sound that was once recorded on the cassettes that came before it. $120.

MAKR Leather Strapping Belt

This vintage brown belt is a perfect match for those wood-colored chukkas above, and a nice fit for our vintage-inspired business casual look. This leather strapping belt was crafted by the Makr Carry Goods crew in a fashion that reflects how belts used to look and perform back in the day. Its material is very back-in-the-day as well. It’s hand-made from reclaimed leather with aged brass hardware. $128.

Property Of… Men’s Edwin Leather Wallet

If you’re rocking the ultimate business casual look and you pull out a velcro wallet to buy a drink for your boss, you’re doomed. Okay, not if your boss has a sense of humor of course. The right wallet can speak plenty about a man, and if it’s time for an upgrade this might be the target. The Property Of… Men’s Edwin Leather Wallet is a simple, textured leather fold-over with plenty of pockets stitched together in a durable fashion. $70.

Hard Graft Square1 Holdall Duffel

The modern man has so much to carry– a wallet, a phone, a chunky DSLR, an iPad and a spare change of clothing for an impromptu overnighter. The Hard Graft Square1 Holdall Duffel will hold it all in ultimate style, rocking 100% wool felt and 100% vegetable tanned leather in its construction. It’s on the pricy side, but it’s built to last. If you take good care of it, you’ll be handing it on to your kids as the coolest Dad in the world in about 30 years time. $650. [Hard Graft]