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    Copenhagen Wheel: MIT Revolutionizes Cycling
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Copenhagen Wheel: MIT Revolutionizes Cycling


While it may be the world’s most numerous form of transportation, the bicycle really hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years.  Gears, breaking and frame designs have all stayed more-or-less the same, albeit with subtle material upgrades.  MIT hopes to change the way the bicycle works with the Copenhagen Wheel: a power and information assist for the urban cyclist.

The Copenhagen Wheel provides both and electric power assist and ride diagnostics for its rider.  It uses a regenerative breaking system to store the kinetic energy created when breaking– then release it as a power boost as needed.  The diagnostics side of the Copenhagen Wheel will collect information about the cyclist’s route, the distance traveled and various health data about the rider.  This will be stored and controlled by the cyclist’s smartphone, then shared with the world with social networking.  [mit via inhabitat]



Copenhagen Wheel Gallery

Copenhagen Wheel Teaser Video